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Top 15 Universities In Australia To Study Consumer Psychology

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Understanding how consumers behave requires a good knowledge of consumer psychology. Insights into consumer psychology enable businesses to create innovative, value-added products, and effective marketing communications.

Top 15 Universities In Australia To Study Consumer Psychology

Australian National University

Students who complete this course will be able to identify the major influences on consumer behavior, distinguish between different consumer behavior influences and their relationships, and determine the applicability of consumer behavior theories and concepts to marketing decisions.

University of Queensland

This course gives students the fundamental theories and models they need to develop a solid understanding of consumers, their needs, desires, and behaviors.

University of Sydney

This course investigates the psychological, social, and cultural influences on public and private sector marketing decisions.

University of Melbourne

This course aims to provide insights into consumer psychology as a foundation for creating effective consumer-influence tactics and marketing strategies. While everyone is a consumer, our perceptions of our own and others’ behavior are frequently incorrect

consumer psychology

Curtin University

The course focuses on the decision processes in consumption behavior in various purchasing situations. This improves the student’s ability to integrate marketing processes on a more advanced level.

Open Universities Australia

This course will give you a thorough understanding of the complexities of consumer decision-making so that your future marketing decisions will achieve your goals in your target market.

University of South Australia

This course aims to familiarize students with the concepts of individual consumer behavior and to introduce students to market applications of these concepts.

Victoria University

This course examines the consumer as the focal point of the marketing system. The unit of study emphasizes the use of consumer behavior knowledge in marketing decisions and insight for innovation.

consumer psychology

Newcastle University

The course aims to provide an in-depth evaluation of applied psychology in the consumer context, serve as a foundation for further study and understanding of specific areas of applied consumer psychology, and develop analytical skills.

University of South Wales

This program will develop your research, analytical, and communication skills while providing a comprehensive understanding of the major discipline areas of consumer psychology.

University of Western Australia

The course will look at how psychological abilities are measured, how they develop over time and the processes that govern relationships between people and groups in society.

Monash University

With this degree, you can pursue your interest in human cognition and behavior. The accredited psychology degree places you at the cutting edge of cognitive neuroscience and psychology research.

consumer psychology

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Australian National University

The program can be combined with programs in law, commerce, economics, or music, as well as Arts.

Macquarie University

The degree will give you a scientific understanding of the psychological processes that underpin behavior.

Deakin University

The course aims to provide an in-depth evaluation of applied psychology in the consumer context. Graduates in this program have particularly good job prospects.

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