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How to Become a Successful Video Production Specialist

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We spend a lot of hours viewing things on our screens every day. And as a result, there has been a surge in the demand for on-screen content, with an increased interest in video and motion graphics. From individuals seeking entertainment, customers intending to buy products, to those looking to learn one thing or the other, video content is now helping to drive messages home.

Here, we take a look at how you can become a Video Production Specialist and join a growing list of professionals who keep us entertained, educated, and up-to-date.

What is Video Production?

Video production is the entire process of creating a video. Regardless of the type of video, you plan to produce, the processes are usually the same. First is the pre-production stage where producers create ideas, proceed to scriptwriting, and then cast and the crew.

The second phase, which is the production stage is where the scenes are shot in their respective locations.

The third phase of video production is the post-production stage. This is where producers carry out all other processes that a video goes after the actual shooting. That is, editing, syncing, and so on. The stages involved in producing a video is tedious and usually requires the services of an expert – a Video Production Specialist.

Video Production Specialist at work

Who is a Video Production Specialist?

A Video Production Specialist is a professional who edits and assembles recorded raw video footage into a presentable finished product that is ready to be shared with the public.  He/she may not necessarily shoot the videos as someone else may take that responsibility. However, they are always at the background of every video shoot. They can use cameras, recording equipment, lighting equipment, and set up the entire recording process.

Video Production specialists oversee all aspects of video production, from planning, creating, processing, uploading, editing, to managing video sharing for a wide range of distribution channels. Some specialize in creating two-minute advertisements, 30-minute instructional videos, engaging promotional videos, commercials, highlight videos, and even product demos for the companies.

Responsibilities of a Video Production Specialist

  • A Video Production Specialist is responsible for supporting, leading, and implementing digital and video communication initiatives.
  • As a Video Production Specialist, you will produce and edit content.
  • You will build a library of standard videos using film, digital, computer, and other electronic tools and media.
  • Being a Video Production Specialist, you will collaborate with creative teammates on visual and audio requirements for video production.
  • A Video Production Specialist regularly works with the administrative team to develop computer artwork for use in programs, technical manuals, literature, newsletters, slide shows, briefings, brochures, multimedia presentations, web pages, promotional products, and technical illustrations. This collaboration is to ensure that materials follow company guidelines.
  • You will participate in the design and production of your employer’s marketing activities and assist with coordination, background design, and other media-related roles.
  • As a Video Production Specialist, you will test every tool before use to determine their quality.
  • You are also responsible for the maintenance and security of every video production equipment.
  • A Video Production Specialist goes through the final version of video projects before their release. By doing so, you will check for quality and measure how well such projects meet the expectations of your company.
  • Video Production Specialists are responsible for developing general video brand strategies.

Video Editing Software


In-demand Skills of a Video Production Specialist

Project Management: As a Video Production Specialist, you should be able to draw up cost-effective budgets for video production. You should be able to manage equipment purchases, ensuring compliance with budgeted guidelines.

Creative Writing: your writing and storytelling skills should be top-notch as this would influence the overall perception of your videos.

Editing: Since you will use various editing applications like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite Video Editing software, Aftereffects, AVID, among others to edit and mix videos/sounds, create and animate graphics, you need expert and technical knowledge of some or all of these tools.

Graphics Design: as a Video Production Specialist, you should know your way around graphics design as you will be working with graphics design departments to create things that will be used in the post-production stage of videos. In some cases, you will also collaborate with external graphic designers and marketing agencies.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills: As a Video Production Specialist, you need the ability to communicate updates to key stakeholders, and to properly engage members of staff on an interpersonal level.

Educational requirements for an Aspiring Video Production Specialist

To become a Video Production Specialist, you need the required skills more than you need a degree. However, getting a proper education in a relevant field helps you attain some level of sophistication. Some of the Bachelor’s Degree programs you can enroll in are photography, Journalism, Communication, and Digital Media. Below are some accredited institutions providing incredible learning experiences in these specializations.

  1. Newcastle University in the United Kingdom: Offers a Journalism, Media, and Culture degree. The degree focuses on production and communication skills on a large scale. It aims to teach you how to write for print, online, broadcast, and to produce audio and video content for online multimedia. The tuition for international students is £18,600. It is a full-time program for 3 years.
  2. Limerick Institute of Technology in Ireland: Offers a BA (Hons) in Photography, Film and Video degree. The degree will provide you with a comprehensive skillset, founded on the principles of traditional photographic, moving image, and lens-based media processes, as they apply to the rapidly advancing field of contemporary digital media, post-photographic, and post-internet activities. The tuition for international students is €10,250. The duration is 3 years + a one-year common-entry course.
  3. Carleton University in Canada: Offers a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies degree. The program teaches how the ever-changing mediascape affects our understanding of society and our ability to shape its future. It also focuses on how living in a media society saturated by media images, technologies, and texts influences how we live and work. The duration of the program is 4 years and the tuition for international students is $(CAD) 27,282.

Stages of career development for a Video Production Specialist

The career path of a Video production Specialist is not rigid. It can take different forms and progressions. However, a typical one takes the following route:

Video Production Specialist-Video Producer-Production Manager-Project Manager-Marketing Manager.

Typical employers of a Video Production Specialist

The typical employers of Video production specialists are organizations that need an online presence. People watch videos for all kinds of reasons, and if your videos can send messages while retaining an appealing sensation, you will have the attention of your audience. Private businesses, as well as government institutions, will naturally demand your expertise. However, marketing companies are the highest employers of Video Production Specialists.

Video camera at a production site

Job Outlook and Salary of Video Production Specialists

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics projected an increase of 14% for film and video editors (2018-2028).

  • According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for a Video Production Specialist is $28,519 in the United States.
  • In the UK, the average salary for a Video Production Specialist is £29,922 per year. (Glassdoor)
  • The average annual salary for a Video Production Specialist in Canada is $56,661, according to Nuevoo.

Famous Film/Video Production Specialists in Nigeria

Clarence Peters: Clarence Abiodun Peter is a Nigerian music director and film producer. He is at the head of affairs at Dream Pictures, a production company that offers services such as performing arts, news media arts, film, television, video, and radio. Clarence is regarded as the pioneer of the digital video production sector in Nigeria. He is also one of the most popular music Video Production Specialists in Africa, with credits in the biggest and most talked-about videos in Nigeria.

Unlimited LA: Olaleke Buhari, popularly known as Unlimited LA is a Nigerian music video producer with a degree in Computer Science. His big break came when he made Sean Tizzle’s “Sho Lee”.

SESAN: Sesan Ogunro is the biological brother of popular beat FM OAP, Gbemi. He has produced some of Nigeria’s best videos, one of which is D’banj’s “Mr. Endowed Remix’ video.  He has created magic with many other Nigerian acts in his years as a video production expert.

Video Production Specialist at work

Postgraduate Options for Video Production Specialists

There are several master’s degree programs that are tailored toward video production. Below are some of the most comprehensive ones.

Master of Fine Arts in Film Production at Full Sail University in Winter Park, USA. The program focuses on fundamentals such as storytelling, visual aesthetics, and technical roles, as well as the business strategies needed to bring your completed works to audiences. The tuition for international students is $534 per credit hour. The duration is 12 months full-time with a campus only study option.

Master of Arts in Film Arts from Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA) in Rome, Italy. The program equally divided between theoretical learning and hands-on workshops, between artistic vision and technical guidance, between knowledge of film history and experimentation and technological research. In this program, you get the opportunity to participate in the work-study offer, experimental projects, and internships with film production studios. The tuition is €9,000 for 2 years, full-time studies.

Master in Film Production from the University of Lincoln in Lincoln, United Kingdom. This program will develop the professional skills for senior managerial and professional roles in the media space. It covers the ethics, laws, and regulatory frameworks that govern the industry. It also offers a chance to tailor your studies to your interests and career aspirations by choosing to focus on the creative production of fiction, documentary, or experimental projects across a wide range of media platforms. The tuition for international students is £15,700 for 1-2 years, either part-time or full-time studies.

Popular Professional Courses for an Aspiring Video Production Specialist

The Complete Video Production Bootcamp – Udemy. This online video production course will teach you how to make amazing videos with a smartphone, webcam, DSLR, mirrorless, or professional camera. It is designed to help YouTubers, bloggers, vloggers, business owners, aspiring filmmakers, Video Production Specialists, or anyone who wants to learn and create professional videos. The fee for this course is $200.

Complete Filmmaker Guide: Become an Incredible Video Creator – Udemy. This is a beginner level course that covers all the creative aspects of planning, shooting, and editing an incredible video. The course is designed to help you expand your creativity by understanding essential filmmaking theories, principles, and ideas. The fee for this course is $200.

Be A Video Production & Video Marketing Master! – Udemy. This course helps beginners to start right at the beginning and learn the entire requirements of becoming a professional in Video Production. More experienced students can also pick and choose from a variety of chapters and lectures that suit their current needs. In the course, you will learn how to use professional video production equipment as well as the software programs and hardware tools required to produce and market video projects. Also, you will learn how to effectively structure the pre-production stage so that your production comes retains a professional feel. The fee for the online program is $200.

Careers Related to Video Production

Some other creative careers that may suit your interests and skills are:

Need further guidance on how to become a successful Video Production Specialist? Send me an email right away.

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