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Who is a Creative Director?

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Do you constantly think of creating new ideas, or perhaps, organizing and directing activities through unique methods? Then, get in here. Becoming a creative director may be the right career for you.

From designing the framework or structure of an organization or project to ensuring all creative activities of a brand work smoothly, creative directors are directly responsible. In a nutshell, a creative director determines the outlook and designs of adverts and magazines for an organization in a bid to promote its market value. But that is not all, a creative director is equally tasked with client relationship management, event management, resources management, generation of new leads, coordination of existing leads, and development of marketing strategies, among others.

A creative director often works with a team of designers, content developers, and art directors.


The regular activities of creative directors within an organization are:creative director 1

  • Developing new ideas for advertisement and campaigns.
  • Maintaining an actively creative environment for the creative team.
  • Managing projects from their onset.
  • Selling concepts to prospective clients.
  • Convincing management teams on the plausibility of projects.
  • Branding and promoting an organization’s image.
  • Relating the progress of a project to clients.
  • Employing qualified experts into a creative team.
  • Pitching creative ideas to clients.

Career Demands

Being a creative director, you would most likely work to meet up with deadlines and handle many creative director 4projects during the same period. Other career demands in the field are:

  • Working hard to ensure the dynamic and fluid nature of your roles are maintained.
  • Learning about and adopting new technologies in a bid to remain relevant and innovative.
  • Socializing with clients on a constant basis by attending relevant events and gatherings.
  • Traveling every now and then and working late into the nights on some occasions.
  • Paying visits to project sites and conducting inspections and evaluation.




Job Prospects

The need for creative minds in general marketing and advertising roles within organizations is fast on the increase. As a result, creative directors have been in high demand in recent times. Employers and business owners continue to seek resourceful candidates with relevant experience and skills.creative director 3

Within a marketing organization, you could hold the position of a Chief Marketing Officer and ultimately become the Chief Executive Officer. Being a Creative director may also earn you a managerial position at a publishing firm. One enticing aspect of the career is that it gives room for flexibility in working hours and patterns.

Constant professional development is needed in the field since innovations are always around the corner. Lastly, many organizations equally give room for on-the-job training.


Relevant Skills

A creative director has to:

  • Exhibit ideal leadership and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Repeatedly inspire members of their team in order to get the best output.
  • Have countless creative ideas and understand the minds of clients.
  • Be aware of trends and designs.
  • Have a good knowledge of creative software and data management programs.
  • Be able to match the creative team with other departments, showcasing the team’s relevance in all activities of the organization.
  • Practice open-mindedness
  • Have the capacity to withstand and absorb pressure.
  • Showcase expertise in written and oral communication skills.
  • Have excellent presentation skills.

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While you have to be a graduate to earn a position as a Creative Director, a postgraduate degree may not necessarily give you an edge in the field. Instead, attending relevant events, meeting with industry experts, catching up with trends and new information, and getting your works out to the public are primary determiners.

The basic foundation for a budding creative director is grabbing a degree in humanities and getting hands-on experience through volunteering in related roles. Although, experts are now emerging from management and IT related fields; all seeming to possess innate creative abilities.

Monthly Income

Employees in the creative department of an organization usually earn a starting salary of £ 24,000 averagely. Creative directors with a few years of experience are paid as much as £60,000 on a monthly basis.

Other factors that influence the income of creative directors include the geographical location of the organization, its size and job specifications. Source- Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA)


A creative director could be a graduate of management or technology, even though individuals in the field are mostly from humanities. However, if you are considering a career as a creative director, you should enroll in a school where creativity is at the core of her values. Below are a few.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology       United States of America

Stanford University                                         United States of America

California Institute of Arts                             United States of America

University of the Arts London                       United Kingdom

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