How to Become a Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinator

Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinator

We open our phones or turn on our televisions to see advertisements for upcoming soccer matches or sportswear with famous footballers wearing them. But the truth is, we would not usually get all these pieces of information without Sports Marketing and Promotions.

Sports marketing and promotion is the application of marketing principles to the promotion of sports events and teams, and the promotion of products and services through sports. Sports marketing and promotions usually follow the traditional marketing mix of the four Ps (Product, Price, Promotion, and Place) but an additional four Ps (Planning, Packaging, Positioning, and Perception) can be added to give it the Sports Marketing mix.

Sports marketing and promotions help companies to market in real-time. Companies get to promote their brands as sporting events happen, and they can also leverage the emotion of the general public. For instance, when a brand like Nike designs the jersey of a football team, sports fans will purchase such outfits just because it was designed for their favourite team. Who then is a Sports Marketing Coordinator? How can you become one, and is the career lucrative? I’ll take you through all you need to know shortly. Read on.

Who is a Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinator?

Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinators are professionals that promote sporting events, athletes, and sports teams, as well as a variety of services and products that are affiliated with those teams.

Responsibilities of a Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinator

  1. As a Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinator, you will coordinate all salesforce promotions and work to increase performance and profit. This means that you will develop and implement the process for sales promotions.
  2. You will work on marketing support materials like brochures, flyers, scripts, videos, and other forms of communication.
  3. Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinators have the responsibility of researching competitor tactics and promotional activities. For instance, you will need to know what Team A does to keep its customer base and sell its merchandise. That way, you will become even better.
  4. You will represent your company or team at community and charity events as they help to build community relations.
  5. You will also work with the Account Executives and creative teams to develop promotional packages for clients. These will improve client loyalty and also involves developing and incorporating promotional elements and packages when you make presentations to clients.
  6. Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinators develop relationships with clients by using the legal and promotions teams to execute related activities.
  7. You will survey potential locations for promotions and identify how best you can use them to their fullest ability.

Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinator

Skills of a Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinator

Task Management Skills: This is the ability to work effectively and efficiently, even under pressure. Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinators are usually responsible for multiple tasks at the same time, as promotional activities for sports events can happen on different levels. They coordinate the ad copy, media, content creation, meetings, budget development, calendar set-ups, etc. This is why an expert in the field needs to have proper organization skills. Activities can change at any time, and they must perform each task without losing focus.

Communication Skills: It is important for Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinators to learn to write and speak properly. Every task will require you to write or speak, making communication skills essential to the goal of helping your organization to get customers. For instance, when you give directions to events, it must be clear, along with any other logistical information necessary for the attendees and your organization. Good communication skills are also necessary for internal communication, as you will need to establish expectations and set out workable plans.

Problem-Solving and Leadership Skills: As a Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinator, you must be able to solve problems as they come. You need to be able to take charge of situations as they arise. it is a valuable skill to have because of how fast-paced the world of sports can be. While a game is on, something might go wrong and will require a quick response so that things can go back to running smoothly. You must be able to solve that problem and take charge of the situation promptly.

Perspective/Big Picture Thinking Skills: Marketing, in general, can be very overwhelming. Therefore, it is important for Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinators to have the ability to take a step back and see the big picture to avoid getting lost in details that do not necessarily affect what they are trying to achieve.

Educational Requirements for a Career in Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinators, like other professionals in Marketing, require a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field to get through the door. Individuals with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, statistics, or even computer science are often suitable for the position. While the degree will get you through the door, you still need the experience to get the job.

For instance, if you are going to be a Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinator for a football (soccer) team, you need to have a sound knowledge of the sport.

Here are some reputable schools you can bag a relevant degree to kick-start your career in Sports Marketing.

  1. Swansea University in the United Kingdom – Offers a Marketing, BSC (Hons) The program is designed to give you a solid grounding in marketing principles and key management disciplines. It combines teaching marketing strategy with contemporary topics on consumer behaviour, marketing research, international marketing, and digital marketing to help you learn to think critically and make well informed strategic marketing decisions with impact in the real world. The tuition for international students is £ 15,900. The degree comes in the three options: 3 years full-time, 4 years full-time with a year abroad, and 4 years full-time with a year in the industry.
  2. The University of New Brunswick in Canada – Offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a program option in Marketing. students who choose a concentration in Marketing acquire the knowledge and skills to obtain entry-level positions in almost any industry in the private and public sectors, as well as in non-profit organizations. The tuition for international students ranges from $9450 to $11,912.
  3. Bradford University in the United Kingdom – Offers a Business and Management BSc (Hons). The program is designed to help you develop the skills you need for a managerial career in any sector. It will help you build a broad foundation of knowledge on all aspects of business and management, ensuring you graduate as a well-rounded professional with excellent commercial awareness. The program is 4 years with a sandwich placement year that enables you to develop your skills and professional confidence. The tuition for international students is £16,090.

Job Outlook and Salary Expectations for Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinators

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that the overall employment for marketing managers, including Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinators between 2016 and 2026, will increase by 10% which is faster than the average job growth rate.

The salary you will get as a Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinator depends on the sport and team you work with. The salaries below are in no way universal.

According to, the average salary for a Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinator in the United States of America is $134,290 per year.

Adzuna states that the average salary for Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinators in the United Kingdom is £37,153 per year.

According to Neuvoo, the average salary for Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinators in Canada is $57,500 per year.

Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinator

Typical Employers of Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinators

The typical employers of Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinators are brands that leverage on sports to sell their products or services. Organizations such as Nike, Adidas, Lucozade, and even alcohol-producing companies like Heineken employ Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinators.

Famous Individuals in Sports Marketing and Promotions

Richard Ayers: Richard is one of the great experts in the field of sports marketing, as he is known for the ‘digital revolution’ of Manchester City. Richard works with Valencia CF, UFC, and many others. You can follow Richard Ayers on twitter to learn more about him- @richardayers.

Richard Clark: Richard used to work for Arsenal but left to fulfil a lifetime ambition of working in the USA sports market with an MLS franchise. He is now seen as an expert in digital and has spoken on digital strategy at several leading conferences around the world in the past few years. You can follow his twitter @MrRichardClarke.

David Fowler: Fowler is a strategic marketing professional with 15+ years of sports business experience in global agency and rights holder roles. He has a Master’s degree and a Chartered Marketer. Fowler was also Head of Brand & Marketing Communication at FIFA. Currently, he is the Marketing Director at Mycujoo. You can follow him on twitter @davidgfowler.

Postgraduate Options for Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinators

MSc Sports Marketing at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom

The program is designed to give aspiring Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinators a comprehensive understanding of sports marketing. It provides them with the skills needed to address the challenges associated with the job in the most effective way. The degree helps to discover how to create successful sport marketing strategies, using market research, targeted marketing techniques, and marketing communications knowledge, as well as project management and campaign monitoring skills. Students can study full-time for 1 year or part-time for 2-4 years. The tuition for international students is £25,500.

MSc in Sports Marketing & Promotion from the University of West Scotland

This program is designed to give you a unique insight into principles of marketing and promotion of sporting organizations, events, and products, as well as how sporting organizations can be used as cultural marketing and promotional tools. The program focuses on how the marketing of sporting organizations, events, and products differs from other product and service sectors and incorporates real-life projects where you can work with actual sporting organizations. You can study full-time for 1-2 years or part-time for 3 years. The international tuition for this course is £12,600 per year of study.

Professional Certifications for Sports Marketing and Promotions Coordinators

Certificate in Sports Marketing and Sponsorship

This certification is from Barca Innovation Hub. This certification demonstrates your skills in incorporating marketing as a discipline within the management of sporting activities. It proves that you can analyze, create, and manage sports products and services. Also, this certification demonstrates that you can identify and attract brands that like to invest in the sports market and take advantage of sporting events. It is an online program with a four months duration. The price for this certification is €625.

SMWW Global Sports Marketing course

This is an 8-week online training course designed to provide you with the skills and techniques required by professional teams, clubs, and national associations. Completing the course gives you a Sports Management World Wide Certificate of Accomplishment. The cost of the program is $1450 or $495 per month.

Careers Related to Sports Marketing and Promotions

Brand Specialist: A Brand Specialist is a professional that provides general and in-depth marketing expertise, brand analysis, and solutions to a company to help them successfully sell their products attaining the business goals and objectives. Research, design, and strategy are key in the work of a Brand Specialist. A brand specialist focuses on target segments, applies psychological principles, and employs the three key methods to help a company establish strong relationships.

Social Media Marketing Specialist: A Social Media Marketing Specialist is a professional working with or within an organization, who is trusted with monitoring, executing, filtering, and measuring the social media marketing efforts and presence of a product, brand, corporation, or even individual. They create and maintain brand promotions, company information, and marketing campaigns for their company across several different social media networks. Social Media Marketing Specialists oversee producing new content for their company’s social media platforms, constantly innovating to push new ideas and plans, and measuring how well those ideas perform.

Should you need further guidance on your schooling and certification options, I’ll be glad to assist. Send me an email right away.



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