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How To Start A Career In Project Management

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Project management is the process of guiding a team to achieve all project goals within a certain period. It is the use of specific knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to provide people with value.

The secondary task is to optimize the allocation of necessary resources and use them to achieve specific goals.

Who Is A Project Manager?

A project manager is a professional in the field of project management. Project managers are responsible for planning, acquiring, and executing a project in a company with a defined scope.

Project managers are the agents of change, they use their skills and experience to provide a common goal for the project team. Project managers are represented in all types of organizations such as construction and banks. 

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Duties/Responsibilities of a Project Manager

A project manager is faced with the following duties:

  • They work as the first point of contact between project activities and customers
  • Establish and manage project expectations with external and internal stakeholders
  • Coordinate and control multiple projects throughout the project life cycle
  • Develop detailed project management plans to track project progress
  • Motivate and supervise project team members
  • Develop professional business relationships
  • Create and update project files
  • Create an accurate forecast of revenue and resource requirements
  • Cooperate with various departments to ensure that the work is carried out as required
  • Establish effective communication
  • Provide all necessary information to team members
  • Track working hours and maintain accurate daily schedules
  • Ensure that the project tasks are completed and reviewed within the specified scope
  • Get customer information

Skills Required To Be A Project Manager

To become a project manager, you must acquire certain skills. Some of these skills include:

  • Leadership and analytical skills 

As a manager, you are responsible for analyzing various business decisions and leading large teams. Strong leadership and analytical skills will help you work effectively and increase the productivity of your team.

  • Risk management 

Risk management will help you protect your company from potential crises.

  • Business skills

Business skills such as authorization, diplomacy, and negotiation skills will ensure the effective management of any project. 

  • Effective communication

You must have excellent oral and written communication skills to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. 

  • Time management 

A high standard of time management and punctuality ensures a project is completed and delivered on time. 

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Educational Requirement and Certification 

To start a career as a project manager, you will need at least a Bachelor’s degree. Applicants for graduate studies do not need to have a BSc in project management, they may have bachelor’s degrees in computer science, business studies, or environmental science. 

To become a project management professional, you are required to take a certification course from the project management institute (PMI).

Universities To Study Project Management

You will develop new skills at an advanced level and become a highly qualified manager able to manage important projects within different organizations.

The degree provides an excellent foundation for career advancement for those with an interest in development projects.

This Master of Project Management aims to provide graduates with a wide range of specialized and advanced tools for technical and interpersonal skills that will enable them to pursue successful careers in the challenging and rapidly growing field of project management.

Discover team dynamics, project leadership, and negotiation as you develop project management best practices, including planning, stakeholder engagement, complexity management, and more.

This program takes a comprehensive look at the “overall project” from the organizational and planning phase to the actual implementation. You will focus on real-life scenarios.

The Project Management Basics course is aimed at those who are or have been involved in a project and who need the most important techniques and processes to carry out a successful project.

The program helps students develop top and mid-level leadership in project management. The university also provides flexible programs in key areas critical to the growing need for project management. 

In addition to a PMP exam preparation course, Colorado State University offers two distinct project management certificate programs, including one developed specifically for IT professionals.

The university’s project management courses are aligned with the latest PMI global standards. 

Yearly Earnings of A  Project Manager

The annual salary of most project managers is between $93,000 and $140,000. However, the exact income of a project manager depends on several key factors including the manager’s education and experience, team size, region, and industry.

Project Management

Careers Paths In Project Management

  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Software Development
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Consulting
  • Marketing

Online Platforms and Courses In Project Management

  • Udemy
  • Alison: Diploma in Project Management
  • Brain Sensei: Complete PMP Exam Prep Course
  • Coursera: Applied Project Management Certificate
  • PMI: Project Management Basics.


If you need further guidance on degree options and career paths in Project Management or counselling regarding schools to apply to for your degree, please click here to chat with our counsellors. 


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