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Top 5 Emerging Careers In Marketing

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Marketing is a dynamic field that involves the promotion and sales of a brand’s product or service. Its activities are directed at attracting an audience to a brand’s product or service.

As companies are realizing the need to improve their promotion strategy, marketing roles in advertising, promotions and brand management will vary depending on the industry.

In this article, we highlight 5 emerging careers in marketing to explore.

Emerging Careers in Marketing

With technology advancing, various roles in marketing are emerging. These roles all aim to create, manage and promote a product or service. The nature of marketing is changing from the traditional methods to a more digital approach. Professionals in this industry are adopting the use of blogs, social media, emails and search engine optimization in creating content that appeals to their target audience.


If you have a passion for marketing and are looking to start a career in the industry, here are 5 emerging careers you can explore:

  • Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the promotion of a brand through digital channels like search engines, social media, emails and mobile apps.

As online media continues to grow in its relevance, customers are now relying on digital resources to find out about brands and products. To increase their competitive advantage, companies are adopting digital channels in building brand awareness and encouraging customers to buy their products.

Digital marketing specialists are responsible for building and maintaining a brand through online marketing campaigns. They help companies connect with their audience using strategies like content marketing, social media and email marketing.

Companies need to adjust their marketing strategies to fit the current digital trends and stay updated. This need for companies to keep up with digital marketing trends has led to increasing demand for professionals in this field.

  • Growth Marketing

Growth marketing involves using data-driven marketing strategies to optimize demand generation. When designing campaign tests and experiments, growth marketers focus more on the data and performance analytics rather than the creative aspects of marketing.

These professionals typically are data-driven and are responsible for developing strategies to improve the results of a specific product or service.


  • Product Marketing

Product marketing is another emerging career in marketing. It primarily involves all processes in introducing a new product, promotion and sales of the product.

Product marketers need to have a deep understanding of the product and also the target audience to develop marketing strategies that will influence the market’s buying decisions. Though the roles of product marketers vary across industries, these professionals are primarily responsible for developing product positioning strategies to drive customer demand.

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  • Business Development

Business development primarily involves all ideas, initiatives and business activities aimed at increasing revenue, profitability and business expansion. Business development managers are responsible for generating new leads and building strategic relationships that will improve the business.

Although business development may seem to differ from marketing, its function in an organization depends on the foundations of the marketing department to achieve its goals. The duties of a business development manager are generally targeted at building business relationships and strategic partnerships for the firm.

  • Market Research

Market research involves understanding a market, how interested consumers will be in a product or service and how willing these consumers are to pay for the product or service. Market research analysts help companies figure out their target market, market conditions that could affect the success of the product or service and suggest possible strategies to improve sales.

The growing need for companies to understand their target market and what they want has led to increasing demand for professionals in this field. Market research analysts provide research reports that help companies develop marketing campaigns that communicate to the audience.

Like many other emerging careers in marketing, these roles require professionals who are tech-savvy, creative and results-oriented. Technology is changing the traditional marketing landscape, and more growth opportunities are emerging to explore ways companies can build and maintain a positive relationship with customers.


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