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Top 15 Universities In Canada To Study Consumer Psychology

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Understanding how consumers behave requires a good knowledge of consumer psychology. Insights into consumer psychology enable businesses to create innovative, value-added products, and effective marketing communications.

Top 15 Universities In Canada To Study Consumer Psychology

Western University

In this consumer psychology program, researchers study human behavior in consumption and organizational contexts with a particular emphasis on being, doing, and influencing. This includes investigating the causes, processes, and consequences of consumer, employee, and leader behavior.

University of British Columbia

This course takes the viewpoint of a marketing practitioner who is interested in understanding the psychological processes that occur when consumers evaluate, choose, purchase, or use goods and services.

McGill University

This program provides an environment for students to develop skills and expertise that will help them in their future professions, research, and careers.

University of Toronto

This course provides an overview of the role of products in consumers’ lives. The course provides a conceptual understanding of consumer behavior as well as experience in applying these concepts to marketing decisions, drawing on theories from psychology, sociology, and economics.

consumer psychology

Humber College

This consumer psychology course introduces students to the fascinating and rapidly evolving field of consumer behavior. It investigates the individual, social, and cultural factors that influence global consumer behavior in the context of product research and development.

University of Waterloo

Waterloo’s program is consistently ranked among the best in Canada, ranking ninth in Maclean’s survey of Canadian universities in 2020. At Waterloo, you have the opportunity to carry out hands-on research.

Queen’s University

The MSc program is designed to provide a blend of critical, strategic, and methodological marketing skills, with a focus on consumer behavior, psychology, and consumer culture. Students will learn how to create customer-focused approaches to drive organizational strategies and branding campaigns, as well as how to create consumer relationships in digital environments.

Lakehead University

The multidisciplinary approach to Psychology allows you to explore the inner workings of the brain. Lakehead’s graduates have the tools to develop theories and test them through scientific experimentation and develop new knowledge through comprehensive research methods.

consumer psychology

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Mount Saint Vincent University

The program is a 2 years thesis-based master’s degree program that combines theory, practice, and research. It adheres to a practitioner-scholar model that emphasizes the importance of evidence-based practice.

Trent University

This specialization will provide you with the knowledge you need to effectively reach out to your future customers. You will learn consumer behavior and decision-making techniques, how to use digital platforms to spread your message, and how to master social media for businesses.

University of Victoria

The goal of this course is to introduce students to the internal psychological factors and processes of the consumers and their relationship with the purchase and consumption processes.

Carleton University

Carleton’s program provides students with the necessary tools to conduct empirical research on the mind and behavior. The program emphasizes research and offers students an exciting mix of coursework, hands-on research experience, and community practice.

consumer psychology

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Students in this program gain a strong foundation in statistics, scientific methodology, and the field of social psychology which they can apply to research and evaluation in a variety of settings.

University of Lethbridge

You will learn psychological research as a psychology student. The faculty members are regularly published in top journals and contribute to an ever-evolving field.

University of Saskatchewan

You will learn about how the human brain works, as well as social psychology, personality, child development, human neuropsychology, memory, language psychology, and abnormal psychology.

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