2020 Fully Funded Scholarship by Standard Bank Africa

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Standard Bank, a multinational finance organization, has continued to demonstrate its commitment to ensuring that Africans have access to quality and affordable education. Since it began operations in the 19th century, the organization has constantly encouraged growth in different sectors and parts of the continent, one of which is its scholarship grant for outstanding African students. The program, named Derek Cooper Scholarship, was specifically designed to mark the excellence of a former Chairman of the Standard Bank Group, Derek Cooper. Since the organization enjoyed continuous and grand scale growth under his directorship, it is only proper to embark on educational interventions that can produce exemplary personalities like him.

It is no longer news that Africa and its people will contribute massively to development activities around the world in this century and beyond. Through the Derek Cooper Scholarship, The Standard Bank Group is making sure that these projections become reality soon.

 2020 Fully Funded Scholarship by Standard Bank Africa

Aims of the program

The principal goal of the program is to develop leadership skills in as many African as would be willing to lead the continent into new heights. This set of individuals will be expected to create formidable foundations through which the African enterprise can become global.

Do you believe you can lead the continent into these new heights? Are you convinced that with proper education and training, you can provide visionary insights that will reshape Africa?

Then, you should apply for the Derek Cooper Scholarship as you can be one of the three Africans who will be studying for postgraduate degrees at The London School of Economics and Political Science in the United Kingdom.

Once you are selected, you can specialize in a field that best suits you, bearing in mind that you will be representing the whole of Africa in the field.

Standard Bank will be responsible for your living expenses, accommodation, tuition fees, feeding, and other relevant bills. however, these will be in line with the national minimum stipend as explained by the UK Research Council.

Who is Eligible for the Standard Bank Derek Cooper Scholarship Eligibility?

You can apply for the program if you reside in one of the countries where Standard Bank operates from. However, you stand a better chance if you reside in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Angola, Mozambique, or South Sudan.

Please note that you must have an admission offer (You can send me an email if you need assistance with this) from any of the universities I mentioned above, and in any of the courses below.

  • MSc Environment and Development
  • MSc Environmental Economics and Climate Change
  • Masters in Finance (full-time)
  • MSc Finance and Private Equity
  • MSc Risk and Finance
  • Masters in Real Estate Economics and Finance
  • MSc Law and Accounting
  • MSc Economics and Management
  • Masters in  Management Information Systems and Digital Innovation
  • MSc Management and Strategy
  • MSc Financial Mathematics
  • Masters in Economics and Philosophy

 2020 Fully Funded Scholarship by Standard Bank Africa

How to apply for the Scholarship?

First, you will submit an application form.

Thereafter, you will submit a Graduate Financial Support Application From through the  Graduate application tracker. The next step is completing the Section G of the application form which is your Personal Statement.

After reviewing your application, you will receive an offer letter.

The deadline for submission of Application is April 27, 2020. Time: 5 PM UK time.

My advice? Don’t stall until the deadline is close, start your application processes now.  Remember I can help with that too. Just reach out to me through an email. Cheers!

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