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How to Become a Copywriter

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Copywriting is Art of using written words to persuade and sell products or services to customers. In other words, Copywriting is when you write on webpages, blog posts, newspapers, journals, promotional materials, and other forms of media channels with the intention of convincing your readers to take action. Copywriting experts are generally referred to as Copywriters.

They are behind the catchy texts, the compelling phrases, and other creative use of language that you see on TV adverts, Flyers, and social media campaigns. Copywriting is currently one of the highest in-demand jobs around the globe as

Responsibilities of Copywriters

Some basic duties you’ll perform as a copywriter are:

  • Writing engaging posts that clearly depict what your company does.
  • Creating blunder-free advert content.
  • Working with Marketers, Customer Service Representatives, and Public Relations Officers, to produce marketing tools and strategies.
  • Creating concepts that help in building businesses.
  • Turning creative ideas into compelling texts.

How to Become a Copywriter

Skills every Copywriter needs

Creativity: Creativity is the most crucial skill for every copywriter. You need to constantly develop new ideas, depending on your current task.

Understanding Social Trends: Being aware of social trends is another skill you need to master. Audience behavior changes from time to time, and the same applies to the language that soothes them.

Writing Skills: As a copywriter, your texts have to be clear and concise. The tone and mood of every piece need to reflect the original ideas behind it. Correct Grammar and Punctuation are key factors too.

Persuasion Abilities: With the addition of other skills already mentioned, being persuasive in character helps in creating persuasive texts.

Other areas of expertise for Copywriters are teamwork, communication skills, interpersonal skills, and analytical abilities.

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Becoming a Copywriter

A career in Copywriting is certainly one you should consider if the skills mentioned above are within your capability. However, it is important to earn at least, a Bachelor’s degree in fields like English, Language Arts, Communications, Marketing, Linguistics, and other related ones.

On most occasions, the courses usually have a four-year duration. You get to learn the basics of writing, grammar, and understanding of readers’ culture. You would also take courses in public relations and language styles. Then, you’ll get to test your ability to write periodically, as you progress in any of the courses.

Some schools have provisions for internships in their curriculum. At that stage, you can practice what you have learned with advertising agencies, become familiar with different media platforms and the ones you find interesting.


Job Outlook

Many employers prefer Copywriters with adequate experience, especially those who have worked in fields that are similar to theirs. While you may not be opportune to get proper experience while studying, it is important to gain experience by writing voluntarily for Radio Stations, TV stations, and Local magazines. You can also work with NGOs, or create a personal blog site where you post your writings.

It is important to have a portfolio or data bank where all your original pieces are stored for reference purposes. That way, you can choose the most applicable ones to share when applying for jobs.

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Typical employers of Copywriters are:

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Public Relations Companies
  • Newspaper producers
  • Magazine publishers
  • Television/ Radio Stations

Other business-oriented companies usually need the services of copywriters. While some would hire on a contract basis, others would simply employ an in-house expert who would write more frequently for the brand.


Glassdoor highlights the following as the average annual salary for Copywriters in different countries.

  • United States: $60,296

  • United Kingdom: £26,764

  • Canada: CA$45,000

Universities Offering Quality Communication Courses

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