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Top 15 UK Universities To Study Biological Sciences

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Biological Sciences study the science of life and living organisms. From developing drugs and immune treatments to cloning and climate change, biological sciences allow you to expand your understanding the human, animal and cell life.

Here are 15 top UK Universities to study biological sciences if you would like to pursue a career in healthcare or research:

University of Lincoln

The Department of Life Sciences at the University of Lincoln provides programmes that span the breadth of the life sciences, animal behaviour and welfare, biology, biochemistry, biomedical science, bioveterinary science, ecology and conservation, and zoology.

University of Dundee

University of Dundee’s Biological Sciences courses cover topics relating to living things, from what goes on inside cells right up to the full organism level. You will develop your practical skills, including laboratory skills, data analysis, and designing and running experiments. 

Durham University

The Biological Sciences course at Durham University has been designed to allow you more choice between modules in each successive year so that you can follow specialised routes within Biological Sciences, or address specific areas of interest, as you progress.

Queen’s University Belfast

The School of Biological Sciences at Queen’s University Belfast, aims to enhance the way we use technology in research, food security, microbiology, ecosystem biology, sustainability and many other related areas. The School also has UK-leading undergraduate programmes in areas such as agriculture and food science as well as world-class Biological Sciences research capabilities.

University of Surrey

University of Surrey’s Biological Sciences course will allow you to study biological structure & function at various levels, from cells & organisms to communities and ecosystems. You’ll study topics that are fundamental to biosciences, ensuring you have a solid foundation upon which to build the rest of your degree. 

biological sciences

Lancaster University

The Biosciences course at Lancaster University covers Biology, Biomedicine and Biomedical Science, Biochemistry, Zoology, and Ecology and Conservation. Explore the science of life by choosing topics from a broad range of modules that both interest and excite you, from the molecular to the ecological, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of modern biology.

Glasgow Caledonian University

The Biological Sciences course at Glasgow Caledonian University has a strong focus on human disease and aims to help you understand these events, and demonstrate how therapies that may correct or prevent the diseased state are developed.

Swansea University

The Biosciences Department at Swansea University offers courses in biology, zoology and marine biology. The department’s research covers behavioural and movement ecology, evolutionary and molecular ecology, fisheries and aquaculture, population and community ecology, whole organism biology and wildlife diseases and pest control.

University of Nottingham

Through this program, you’ll study elements of animals (including humans), plants, genetics, microbiology, ecology and conservation. Students get practical learning and laboratory experience and the opportunity to contribute to real research carried out in Life Sciences to train them for a future research or industry career.

University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield’s Biological Sciences program trains you for a career in research or management around the world. You can specialise in one of the three pathways: Ornithology, Plant and Crop Science, or Biodiversity and Conservation, or you can choose to explore the breadth of organismal biological sciences.

biological sciences

University of Stirling

Through its biological sciences programs, the University of Stirling provides technical expertise and proficiency in the vital practical and research skills sought-after by employers. Your study will begin with fundamental science and laboratory skills before focusing on the cellular and molecular aspects of biological sciences.

Loughborough University

During the Biological Sciences course, you will explore topics including genetics and molecular biology, biochemistry and metabolism, cell biology and regenerative medicine, human evolution, anatomy and physiology, growth, development and ageing, as well as research methods.

The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester’s Biological Sciences course offers a unique opportunity to experience research projects across a broad range of disciplines and laboratory environments before you start a career in research. You will develop transferable skills in essential areas such as experimental design, statistics, bioethics and science communication.

University of Bristol

Biological sciences at Bristol is distinct because it covers all aspects of biological life, from genes and cells to populations and ecosystems. The department’s flexible biological sciences courses allow you to choose a broad biological education or to focus on particular areas of interest.

University of Birmingham

Through the University of Birmingham’s accredited Biological Sciences course, you’ll learn about animals, plants and microorganisms – their genetic make-up, their cellular structure and how they interact with the natural environment. You’ll benefit from some of the country’s best facilities and technology, being taught by experts in the field renowned the world over for their cutting-edge research.

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