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Careers You Can Explore With A Degree In Public Relations

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Every company needs a public relations team. Public relations differs from advertising and marketing in that PR attracts or creates the attention of the selected target group by cultivating the public interest and disseminating information via various channels. 

PR responsibilities include working with the press, organizing interviews, writing speeches, speaking, and managing many forms of communication for an organization including management crises and internal communications.

What Can You Do With A Degree In Public Relations?

Graduates with a PR degree can be successful in many different professions, so if you’re wondering what to do with a PR degree, here are some ideas to get you started:

Careers You Can Explore With A Degree In public Relations Include:

  • PR Specialist

Public relations specialists create and maintain a positive public image for the organization or person they represent through press releases and social media interaction.

Average salary: $58,020

  • PR Manager

Public relations managers are responsible for maintaining and improving the public image of an organization including overseeing writers, artists, and PR specialists to ensure news consistency.

Average Salary: $62,366

public relations

  • Social Media Specialist

Social media specialists communicate with the public through social media platforms, including posting content to generate interest in brand-related topics and engaging with customers through social media.

Average Salary: $46,000

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  • Communications Planner

They work on improving your company’s internal communications strategy and external reputation with multiple audiences.

Average salary: $47,000

  • Marketing Coordinator

They develop and coordinate marketing campaigns that include presentations, social networks, print, and television advertising by studying the market area and audience perception. 

Average salary: $41,560

  • Sales Representative

Sales representatives communicate directly with consumers to sell a company’s products. You will be responsible for conducting market research, creating personal connections with customers, tracking prospects, and organizing sales information. Average Salary: $46,411

  • Community Manager

Community managers cultivate a company’s image with its customer base through a variety of strategies, many of which involve digital tools such as social media. They often keep track of the latest trends in public relations and communications to keep their branding strategy updated.

Average Salary: $49,845

  • Event Planner

Event planners coordinate events for businesses or individuals, which includes budgeting, hiring vendors, and hosting guests. They often interact with other professionals and the public in their day-to-day work both in planning and in the events themselves.

Average Salary: $50,554

public relations

  • Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Managers guide the online aspects of a company’s marketing strategy, including web presence, email campaigns, and social media engagement. You will often lead a team of junior marketers and delegate tasks if necessary.

Average Salary: $58,973

  • Customer Service Manager

Customer service managers interact between companies and customers to communicate details about ongoing projects or collaborations. In addition to maintaining communication in existing relationships, they are often also looking for new leads to build a customer base.

Average Salary: $59,859

Other Public Relations Careers Include:

  • Brand Ambassador
  • Copywriter
  • Advertising Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Art Director
  • Creative Director

Typical Public Relations Employers

Typical employers are PR consultants who look after various customer organizations independently and often work with very different market sectors. Also, consulting firms vary in size from large international companies with offices around the world to small local businesses that may specialize in a particular area such as fashion, beauty, music, sports, health, or finance.

Larger consultancies are likely to have a broader client base, ranging from law firms to builders. You can also work for an in-house department that works exclusively for a company or organization in the public, private, profit, and nonprofit sectors.

Other Employers Include:

  • Advertising and creative agencies
  • Event organizers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Media communication organizations
  • Political organizations
  • Public affairs companies

It is also possible to use your skills in broader communication functions in areas such as human resources, education, and management.

public relations


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