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What Is A Graduate Scheme? Everything You Need To Know

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Finding a job is a top priority for everyone after university. Knowing that you will need to find a good job after graduation is an important part of deciding what to study and where to study. This is where graduate schemes come into play.

There are tons of options available for you after you graduate, so it can be difficult to find the right one for you. A graduate scheme is one of the many paths you could take.

What Is A Graduate Scheme?

A graduate scheme is a structured entry-level job training program run by employers to develop future leaders in their company.

These graduate programs, which typically last between one and two years (although can be longer), are often offered in different ranges of specializations from finance, retail, human resources, and marketing to administration and law.

This gives career choices to graduates as well as support in the development of key qualifications.

Who Offers A Graduate Scheme?

Not all employers have a graduate hiring program, especially if it is a small business. Industries where graduate schemes are particularly common include human resources, healthcare, banking, and consulting.

graduate scheme

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Who Is Eligible For A Graduate Scheme?

Most organizations search for graduates with 2.1GPA or more when recruiting for their graduate scheme program.

However, many companies also consider applicants with a 2.2 as long as they can back up their skills with other relevant experience and qualifications.

When Do Graduate Schemes Open?

You can apply for the graduate scheme from the first semester of your final year of study. It is advisable to find a preferred employer and secure an internship, as this guarantees preferential treatment for your application.

After the program, It is not uncommon for companies to hire directly from the previous year’s internship pool for their graduate scheme.

How Long Does It Last?

The exact duration of a graduate program varies from company to company, however, they typically last between one and three years.

Upon graduation, most program participants will continue to work for the company in their chosen area, provided there are opportunities within the company.

What Does The Application Process Involve?

Since the scheme offer career opportunities and generous salaries, graduate schemes are very competitive among university graduates.

The application process usually involves an initial telephone interview followed by a group interview.

Just like every interview, preparation is the key to success. To qualify for the graduate program, you must make sure your relevant skills and education stand out on your resume and cover letter.

graduate scheme

Do They Get Paid?

All scheme programs are paid, and while they involve a lot of education and training, their salaries reflect full-time employment rather than an internship or unpaid work experience.

The financial aspect is often very attractive to graduates and the salary can vary depending on your qualifications and the company structure.

Benefits Of A Graduate Scheme

There are several benefits to participating in a graduate program, including the unique opportunity to quickly develop skills and experience while being given real responsibilities.

Not only is a graduate scheme a great way to get started a career, but the experience that comes with it allows you to figure out which career path is right for you while giving you the experience you need to get there. 

The scheme provide extensive training, development, and support to participants. Graduates also benefit from the ability to quickly advance to better positions within the organization.

In some industries, you will receive professional qualifications which will ultimately make you more effective in your role and more valuable as your career progresses.

The scheme will also give you exposure to high-level stakeholders within your industry. The advantage is that in most cases, graduate scheme participants advance much faster in their careers than non-participants.

graduate scheme


If you need further guidance on degree options and career paths in the university or counselling regarding schools to apply to for your degree, please click here to chat with our counsellors. 


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