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Top 15 US Universities to Study Media and Film Studies

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The media and film industry is one of the most innovative and fast-moving sectors in the US. In recent times, media companies have been experiencing a higher demand for professionals in media and film production.

There are several institutions in the US offering degrees and certificates in media and film studies. A degree in media and film studies will help students gain valuable hands-on experience, and build a strong portfolio and diverse network.

Here are 15 top US universities to study media and film studies:

University of Southern California

The Cinema & Media Studies offers foundational education in the cultural, artistic, political and commercial contexts of media creation, production, circulation and consumption. Students of this pioneering program develop a deep understanding of how technology, business, art, politics and history shape and respond to media at regional, national and global scales.

Boston University

The Boston University Film & Television program provides a broad foundation in motion picture writing, visual literacy and studies with the option of tailoring your courses to fit your interests and career goals.

Columbia University

This program aims to provide film majors with a solid grounding in the history and theory of film; its relation to other forms of art; and its synthesis of visual storytelling, technology, economics, and sociopolitical context, as well as the means to begin writing a script and making a short film.

California Institute of the Arts

The School of Film/Video is one of the world’s top places for studying and practising the art of the moving image as a personal, evolving and innovative art form. The stimulating curriculum adopted allows every student to expand their cultural experience and, in the process, develop into a better artist, with a well-informed, highly articulated personal vision.

The University of Texas at Austin

The Media and Film program at UT has a curriculum that places equal emphasis on fiction and nonfiction and encourages students to explore diverse cinematic forms. This intersection of narrative and documentary education gives filmmakers an adaptive advantage and the skills to approach their subjects from unique perspectives and to tell new kinds of stories.

media and film

New York University

As a student in the Department of Cinema Studies, you will focus on the history, theory, and criticism of motion pictures and related media, examining cinema as both an art form and a form of mass culture. The department provides students with an advanced course of study in the history, theory and criticism of motion pictures. 

Florida State University

Students in Media Studies will gain a solid liberal education highlighting media studies and human communication. A goal of our program is for students to develop an understanding of the economic and social effects of media, including legal and ethical issues.

University of South Carolina

As a film and media studies major, you will develop an array of critical skills necessary for actively interpreting and productively engaging film and media culture from essential media literacy skills to advanced research methods in historical and textual film and media analysis.

University of Colorado

The Department of Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts aspires to integrate the critical, historical and theoretical study of cinema, media and the visual arts, with artistic and commercial practices.

Wesleyan University

Wesleyan’s film studies program fosters the critical understanding of cinema and television as art forms, offering students a unified perspective that enables them to think critically about form and the choices that visual storytellers must face.

media and film

San Francisco State University

This program emphasizes not only the study of cinema history, theory and criticism; but of all “cinematic” media and the theories related to them.

The University of North Carolina

The program equips students with the combined skills of critical thinking, articulate written and vocal expression, and audiovisual literacy — skills that are increasingly vital to navigating the many screens of our media-saturated, multicultural world.

University of California, Los Angeles

The Cinema and Media Studies Program at UCLA offers a Pre-doctoral Track intended for students who wish to continue their education at the doctoral level and a Professional Track intended for students who seek careers in the entertainment industry, archives, film festivals and related fields.

Syracuse University

The Media and Film program at Syracuse emphasizes collaborative and interdisciplinary practice, innovative thinking, and a critical understanding of new technologies.

New York Film Academy (NYFA)

The NYFA Media Studies program is designed to focus on the study of current and emerging media arts and the theoretical underpinnings necessary for understanding media’s impact in today’s society. The media studies program’s curriculum is structured to ensure that students are continually challenged both creatively and academically.

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