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Top 15 UK Universities to Study Media and Film Studies

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The media and film industry is one of the most innovative and fast-moving sectors in the UK. To meet up with the demands of this industry, media companies are experiencing a higher demand for professionals in media and film production.

A degree in media and film studies will help students gain valuable hands-on experience, and build a strong portfolio and diverse network.

Here are 15 top UK universities to study media and film studies:

King’s College London

Through this programme, you’ll develop a broad knowledge and deep understanding of cinema and other moving images, the societies and people that create them, the technologies they use, and the critical tools that reveal their meaning.

Middlesex University

The Media Department at Middlesex University offers an exciting array of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Students will learn about the complete filmmaking process, covering a range of production roles, conception and development, post-production, script writing, cinematography, and direction, taught by professionals working in the film industry.

Swansea University

At Swansea, teaching and research explore the history, theory and practice of media and film, journalism and public relations. Degree programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels cover print, broadcast, film, and new media, and include teaching by industry professionals.

London Film Academy

During your programme, you will gain a thorough grounding in the key areas of the filmmaking process, from script to screen, and become multi-skilled and adaptable, favouring the art of collaborative storytelling rather than working as a solo auteur. You learn how to quickly adapt to the professional world as you start your career in the industry.

University of Kent

As a student in Media and Film at Kent, you join a community fascinated by visual and digital culture in all its forms. In this course, you’d explore cinema’s rich scope and history, from silent classics and mainstream Hollywood to avant-garde and animation. Throughout the programme, you gain research, analysis and critical thinking skills that are useful for a range of professions in the creative industries and beyond.

media and film

University of Stirling

University of Stirling’s Media and film course not only ensures you’re well-versed in theoretical and critical aspects of the subject area but also allows you to become fully trained in practicalities such as audio production, video editing, screenwriting and more.

University of Essex

At Essex, you combine studying the history and theory of cinema with practical film production. Your production modules enable you to develop and apply your academic knowledge and understanding of film, refining and enriching your own practical work.

University of Westminster

In this programme, you’ll learn to collaborate creatively as you develop production specialisms in areas such as writing, producing, cinematography, directing, production design, editing and sound. You’ll also gain the transferable and cognitive skills necessary for lifelong personal and professional development.

University of Warwick

The University of Warwick’s film studies degree covers the foundations of film and television history, theory, analysis and interpretation. From this foundation, you will develop your understanding of national and historic film cultures.

University of Leeds

This course blends photography, media and film to help you develop the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to succeed in the fast-growing media sector. You’ll study film and photography in a research-led media school, considering key theories, debates and historical developments.

media and film

Loughborough University

Through this program, you will acquire a thorough understanding of both historical and contemporary developments across a number of key media sectors including the press, broadcasting, film, advertising and digital media. 

Liverpool John Moores University

The Film Studies programme at Liverpool John Moores University is a hybrid degree that combines practical and theoretical work. The course will enable you to explore the development of cinema worldwide while providing you with extensive hands-on filmmaking and editing experience using our industry-standard production studio and editing suites.

Lancaster University

This Film Studies programme at Lancaster provides the opportunity to study film theory, history and culture – particularly transnational cinemas – while also developing your practical skills in filmmaking. You will have access to an excellent range of technical resources and equipment including top-of-the-line digital cameras and digital editing equipment.

University of Southampton

Learn the history and theory of film and gain a global perspective on cinema with this MA Film Studies master’s degree at the University of Southampton. In this course, you’ll develop in-depth knowledge of the most influential theories and approaches to understanding the film. 

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