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Top 15 Universities In Australia To Study Media and Film Studies

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The media and film industry is one of the most dynamic and creative sectors in Australia. With the rise of streaming services and the ease of access to various forms of media, media and film professionals are adjusting and exploring new ways they produce quality content to tell their stories and influence their audiences.

Here are 15 top universities in Australia to study Media and Film Studies:

The University of Melbourne

This program develops your creative voice and the skills to make distinctive screen programs to a high artistic and technical standard for all stages of film and television production.

University of Technology, Sydney

Using industry-based production models, this course allows students to experience and specialise in a variety of roles such as cinematography, scriptwriting, directing, producing, sound, editing, and more.

Griffith University

This course guides you in developing the practical skills and knowledge essential to working successfully in the media industry. You’ll graduate with the skills, showreel and contacts to realise your screen media dreams.

The University of Adelaide

The Department of Media combines industry focus, theoretical strength and internationally significant research to equip graduates with skills and advanced knowledge across a range of media forms.

The University of Queensland

Media and Film Studies at UQ introduces the language of screen media and the principal ways in which they are written about and analysed. The major focus is on popular film and television and the contexts within which they are produced and received.

media and film

University of New South Wales

This program will teach you critical analysis to help you understand the impact of technological, economic, cultural and aesthetic factors on film and the cinema industry. You’ll master the ability to examine how cinema has shaped contemporary life and culture and an international perspective on the place and history of film in global media culture.

Macquarie University

This Media and Communications degree covers video and film production, print and online publications, designing interactive and media-rich websites, producing radio podcasts and broadcasts and managing public relations campaigns.

The University of Sydney

This Film Studies degree equips you with a range of skills for understanding and analysing cinema as a vital and yet everyday part of modern life. Through close familiarity with a range of case studies, you will come to understand the social, cultural, aesthetic and political dimensions of cinema in different contexts and at different times.

Deakin University

Deakin’s program in Media and Film enables you to explore storytelling on-screen through multiple roles and practices while developing your communication and specialist skill set within the dynamic fields of screen production and screen culture.

Bond University

This program is a heavily hands-on and project-based degree that allows you to balance practical filmmaking production experience with creative practice theory, enabling you to explore and develop your creativity and artistic voice.

media and film

Queensland University of Technology

This course gives you a broad base of knowledge, skills and experiences to explore a wide range of career options within the film, television and digital media industries before specialising in an area of your choice. 

University of South Australia

The Film and Television degree at UniSA combines practical production, workplace experience and theory taught by professionals, and provides students with a comprehensive degree in film, television, VFX, and media production.

RMIT University

Studying media at RMIT can open up a whole world of creation and communication. During your program, you’ll study the news, create films, produce music, and make digital content. You’ll blend theory with hands-on tutorials, connect with industry contacts, learn to tell stories, build strategies and execute creative projects.

Flinders University

This degree prepares you for careers across the field, combining hands-on production skills with critical analysis, and a high-level study of media and film industries. You’ll gain practical, cutting-edge skills and knowledge to make the most of your career opportunities within an exciting industry.

Swinburne University of Technology

This Bachelor of Film and Television teaches you how to make narrative films, documentaries, animations, experimental films, music videos and television commercials. You’ll gain the essential creative skills, technical knowledge and theory to make high-quality cinema, television and digital media productions.

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