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Top 15 Universities In Australia To Study Graphics Design

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Job Satisfaction: Low

In today’s graphics design competitive global marketplace, graphic designers want to establish their brand names and earn reputable goodwill while increasing sales. Graphic arrangements that are appropriate, appealing, and creative create a solid commercial identity and help the business stand out from competitors. 

In addition, a well-thought-out Graphic Design attracts many customers through effective visual communication of the product. As a result, graphic designers are in high demand in the ever-expanding fields of marketing, advertising, and business development.

Top 15 Universities In Australia To Study Graphics Design

Swinburne University of Technology

The degree provides students with a broad body of knowledge across the design discipline. Branded Environments specializes in communication within retail and exhibition environments, combining interior architecture, and communication design knowledge.

University of New South Wales

You will learn how to turn creative thinking into design action and leave your mark on the world. Whether you’re interested in graphics, textiles, visualization, or object design, designing spaces or user experiences, rethinking everyday products and services, or writing code to develop future-focused design ideas, you’ll see how design can influence the future.

Torrens University Australia

This  diploma in graphics design provides a broad foundation of general and specialized knowledge, emphasizing design awareness and problem-solving technical skills. It lays the groundwork for graphics design by combining theory with hands-on experience.

Griffith University

In collaboration with leading experts and industry, you will learn how to tackle real-world design challenges and devise cutting-edge strategies and solutions. Improve your critical and strategic thinking skills, gain new perspectives on sustainability, and learn to present your ideas clearly and powerfully.

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University of Sydney

The methods taught will enable you to develop multiple perspectives, explore multiple design solutions, understand how to tackle complex problems, clearly communicate ideas and strategies, critically assess current situations and environments, anticipate consequences, and develop ethical innovation strategies.

University of the Sunshine Coast

In this program, you will learn about the most recent interdisciplinary design practices and new technologies, collaborate with industry experts and organizations to deliver projects for diverse audiences, and solve problems using problem-solving strategies, creativity, and theory.

RMIT University

This diploma develops your technical expertise in digital design, print production, and typography, as well as a thorough understanding of design concept development and the design process.

Australian National University

The design program prepares students to become enterprising professionals in various design disciplines by teaching them digital literacy and material knowledge. This one-of-a-kind program focuses on cutting-edge practice at the intersection of the material and digital domains to provide contemporary design education.

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Monash University

The Bachelor of Communication Design combines digital and interactive design, graphics design, and visual communication into a single degree, preparing you to enter a variety of industries as a future-focused design professional.

The University of Queensland

The Bachelor of Design is a multidisciplinary program that combines business, information technology, architecture, and the humanities. You’ll gain diverse skills that will enable you to succeed in almost any industry, from digital communication and industrial design to spatial and human-centered design.

Deakin University

Develop critical skills in various related disciplines, from communications design to interactive UX and brand and design thinking, and work toward a long-term creative career doing what you love.

University of Canberra

The curriculum investigates how humans communicate and organize information visually in various media and contexts. App design, graphics design, interactive design, and design for user experience are key focus areas.

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University of South Australia

You will gain the skills and knowledge needed to design stimulating, effective visual communications and the confidence to create across a variety of communication platforms and contexts, thanks to a focus on practical learning integrated with design thinking.

TAFE Western Australia

The graphics design programs simulate real-world experience, which means industry advisory groups endorse them, and project briefs with visual communication requirements can be expected in the Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses.

Edith Cowan University

In the Bachelor of Design program, you can specialize in visual and spatial design, games and interactive design, or fashion. You will gain transferable visual and spatial problem identification, creativity, and prototyping skills to carve out your niche in the world, as well as career opportunities and entrepreneurial skills.

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