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Top 15 Universities In The US To Study Graphics Design

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In today’s graphics design competitive global marketplace, graphic designers want to establish their brand names and earn reputable goodwill while increasing sales. Graphic arrangements that are appropriate, appealing, and creative create a solid commercial identity and help the business stand out from competitors. 

In addition, a well-thought-out Graphic Design attracts many customers through effective visual communication of the product. As a result, graphic designers are in high demand in the ever-expanding fields of marketing, advertising, and business development.

Top 15 Universities In The US To Study Graphics Design

Concord University

The Bachelor of Arts degree requires the successful completion of 120 semester hours, which includes the General Education Program, the Core Program, a major in Studio Art or Advertising/Graphic Design, and a minor or electives as agreed upon with the student’s adviser.

Campbellsville University

The goal of the Campbellsville University Art & Design program is to be competitive and comparable to any regional college or university and to meet the standards of any arts accrediting organization that offers a B.A., B.S., or M.A. or B.F.A degree; to train artists in any chosen field.

University of Southern Mississippi

The course work focuses on developing visual literacy, conceptual, aesthetic, and visualization skills and creative problem-solving. In addition, the course will teach identity design, type design, collateral design, editorial design, package design, poster design, information design, storyboarding, advertising design, and interactive (web) design to students.

Auburn University

Building a professional portfolio for websites, graphic animations, advertisements, logos, and branding is also emphasized in this program. You will create visual concepts by hand and with the design industry’s most widely used computer software.

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Alma College

Animation, Ceramics, Drawing, Graphic Design, Illustration, Painting, 3-D modeling, Art History, and Arts Management are three-degree options that lead to exciting and fulfilling career paths in the visual arts.

New York Institute of Technology

You will create work in the Graphic Design program demonstrating artistic expression, technical proficiency, and well-informed conceptual ideas. You’ll take courses in everything from advertising and editorial to information graphics, logos and branding, motion graphics, packaging, typography, and web and interactive design. You’ll graduate with a portfolio of work that will show future employers your professional readiness.

State University of New York Oswego

Students in the graphics design program focus on the theory, technique, and application of contemporary graphic design. The program includes coursework in both established and emerging media.

Yale University

The graphic design thesis at Yale is conceived as a loose framework within which each student’s visual method is deployed across many diverse projects throughout the two-year program.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

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University of Pennsylvania

The program provides an open intellectual framework to foster critical awareness and independent artistic research methods through studio work, seminar courses, international residency opportunities, and interactions with vital working artists. In addition, students broaden their conceptual strategies by developing and refining their hybridized art-making methods.

University of Illinois Urbana

The graphics design curriculum consists of 122 credit hours and prepares students for entry into the professional practice of designing visual communications. Graphic design fundamentals (typography and image making), design history and contemporary practices, research methods, user experience, and social responsibility are all addressed in the studio.

Boston University

The graphics design degree program offers a studio-based approach to design thinking and problem-solving for visual communication, preparing students to thrive in a fast-paced professional environment.

University of Southern California

BFA degrees are intensive pre-professional degrees that include a complete immersion in artistic or design media. The student’s choice of studio courses is primarily self-directed, emphasizing painting and drawing, photography and video, and sculpture and ceramics.

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Michigan State University

Course projects vary in medium, content, and collaborative opportunity, allowing students to experiment with both traditional and digital methods of making. In addition, students learn design thinking to identify problems and develop potential solutions.

Purdue University

Purdue University’s Visual Communication Design program trains students to be problem solvers who can plan communication strategies and create effective visual products. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for a rapidly evolving profession influenced by advances in computer technology.

Arizona State University

The Design School’s graphics design program is dedicated to excellence in traditional and contemporary graphic design education, professionalism, research, and community service.

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