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Top 15 Universities To Study Biological Sciences In Canada

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Biological sciences study life, addressing fundamental questions about the origin, evolution, development, and behaviour of living organisms, from the structure and function of their molecules and cells to the interactions and evolutionary dynamics between organisms and their ecosystems.

With a degree in biological sciences in Canada, you can explore several career opportunities in government agencies, laboratories, education or research.

Here are 15 top universities in Canada you can explore for a degree in Biological Sciences:

McGill University

The Department of Biology at McGill University researches the remarkable ways in (or by) which life emerges, changes, grows and dies across a diversity of microbes, plants, and animals, including humans.

Dalhousie University

Through this course, you’ll study the physical and biological processes that affect the life and death of genes, cells, individuals, populations, species and entire ecosystems. You’ll look at the simplest forms of plants and animals, as well as the highly complex ones.

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo has a versatile Biological Sciences program, allowing you to complement your Genetics, Cell Biology, Physiology, Ecology, Plant Biology, and Human Anatomy courses with studies from the arts, humanities, languages, and mathematics areas.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto offers five specialist programs in Biological Sciences: Conservation and Biodiversity Co-op, Conservation and Biodiversity; Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Co-op; Human Biology; and Integrative Biology.

University of Regina

The Department is home to faculty and researchers with research interests in ecology, environmental biology, physiology, microbiology, cellular biology and molecular biology. Students at the University of Regina benefit from working in a close-knit, supportive environment that encourages innovative science.

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University of Guelph

The Biological Sciences major offers the opportunity to study a wide range of topics within biological sciences. With the wide breadth of courses offered, students can choose to focus their studies in one area of biological science or create a unique skill set and combination of courses not currently offered in any one of the majors.

University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa Biology program allows for in-depth study in one or more biological disciplines. Students can concentrate on a particular area by choosing one of three options: Cellular and Molecular Biology, Physiology, or Ecology, Evolution, and Behaviour.

University of Alberta

The Department of Biological Sciences offers programs leading to the degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. It strives to develop scholars familiar with the literature in their field, capable of identifying new problems and new directions of endeavour in their field, and competent with the methods of data collection and analysis essential to do research.

University of New Brunswick

A biological sciences degree from UNB Saint John will prepare you for careers in medicine, dentistry, government, and aquaculture as well as further graduate studies and research. Programs like the marine fall semester or the variety of labs will help you gain practical skills while preparing for your graduate studies or your career.

Western University

The Department of Biology at Western University is a thriving, diverse academic unit dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in research and teaching. The Department, is diverse, offering both undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to study living systems at the level of genes and proteins to entire ecosystems.

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University of British Columbia

The Biology Program at UBC’s Vancouver campus offers an extremely rich range of speciality and course options that span the field’s many sub-disciplines. The program is designed to provide you with a strong grounding in several sub-fields of biology and the basic practical skills of the working biologist.

York University

The Biology program, York’s longest-established scientific program, is home to internationally-recognized teaching and research faculty. The program offers you a diversity of courses from across the discipline, allowing you to choose courses from many different areas or specialize in a particular field of life science.

McMaster University

The Biology Department at McMaster University offers graduate programs leading to M.Sc. and PhD degrees. These programs will prepare you for a career in research, in the biotechnology or environmental sector, or in a medical profession.

Concordia University

Immerse yourself in the study of life at all levels, from cell biology and the physiology of multicellular organisms to the interactions between organisms and their environment. Concordia’s Biology Department features teaching labs with state-of-the-art equipment that introduce you to the various techniques used in biology research.

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