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Top 15 Universities in the US To Study Aviation Engineering

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Aviation engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with airspace development, airport design, aircraft navigation technologies, and aerodrome planning.

Are you fascinated by the science of flight? Perhaps you’re interested in aircraft design and manufacturing. Then you should consider studying aviation engineering.

Top 15 Universities In The US To Study Aviation Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is a vibrant community of exceptional faculty, students, researchers, administrators, staff, and alumni. They have a rich tradition of technical excellence, academic rigor, and research scholarship as the oldest program of its kind in the United States, which has resulted in significant contributions to the aviation field for more than a century.

California Institute of Technology

The aviation program is intended for students who want to broaden their knowledge beyond aerospace or aeronautical engineering.

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan’s program provides a thorough understanding of the fields most relevant to aerospace engineering. The program enables students to learn the most up-to-date applications of classic engineering theories by emphasizing real-world issues.

Purdue University

The school has one of the nation’s top aerospace engineering programs, ranking fourth in 2022. The program lays the groundwork for basic engineering, including statics, dynamics, elementary structures, thermodynamics, and an overview of aircraft and spacecraft design.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

University of Illinois

The University of Illinois aviation engineering is a world leader in aerospace science and engineering. Since its inception in 1944, the department has been committed to excellence and leadership in teaching, research, and service, with top ten nationally ranked undergraduate and graduate programs, and internationally renowned faculty.

Texas A&M University

The curriculum includes sciences and mathematics to lay the groundwork for engineering, aerospace engineering, and design, as well as humanities, social sciences, visual, and performing arts.

Georgia Institute of Technology

The School of Aerospace Engineering offers masters and doctoral degrees in aerospace engineering. In addition, the School offers a master’s degree via distance learning.

Stanford University

Students in this broad program have the opportunity to learn and integrate various engineering disciplines. The program focuses on aircraft and spacecraft structure, aerodynamics, guidance and control, and propulsion issues.

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University of Colorado

Aerospace is a big deal at the University of Colorado. Student teams apply engineering concepts in hands-on design courses, from conceptualizing to planning, building, and creation, and consistently win national awards.

Cornell University

Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Theoretical and Applied Mechanics are three major aviation fields offered at the university.

Princeton University

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering offers two accredited degree programs. Students who wish to pursue both programs concurrently can do so with careful course selection. Either program serves as a foundation for a variety of career goals and can be combined with certificate programs.

Arizona State University

The aerospace engineering programs prepare students for a wide range of careers. Concentrations in aeronautics, astronautics, and autonomous vehicle systems (AVS) open up new perspectives on air and space travel.


Auburn University

Aerospace Engineering allows students to use scientific principles as well as engineering concepts and practices to design, build, test, and operate aerospace, and aeronautical systems and vehicles, including participation in the design, development, and production of vehicles for flight both in and beyond the atmosphere.

Florida Institute of Technology

The BS in Aerospace Engineering at Florida Tech begins with courses that provide an excellent foundation in both engineering and calculus-based physics. Furthermore, unlike other schools, students are introduced to aircraft design in their first year, as opposed to their senior year.

George Washington University

The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department offers an ABET-accredited degree in mechanical engineering as well as a five-year combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree. Students majoring in mechanical engineering may also choose to study one of the department’s other options, which include aerospace engineering, patent law, biomechanical engineering, and medical preparation.

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