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Top 15 Universities In Australia To Study Aviation Engineering

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Aviation engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with airspace development, airport design, aircraft navigation technologies, and aerodrome planning.

Are you fascinated by the science of flight? Perhaps you’re interested in aircraft design and manufacturing. Then you should consider studying aviation engineering.

Top 15 Universities In Australia To Study Aviation Engineering

University of Sydney

The Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical) program provides students with a thorough understanding of the design process and operation of aircraft in the earth’s atmosphere and space. This program will prepare you for the next evolution of the aircraft industry by combining practical learning and industry experience.

University of South Australia

The university offers two specializations in pilot and aviation management. The Bachelor  program will prepare you for a career in aerospace management, airline administration, and airport or flight operations.

Griffith University

In this program, you may choose to be a qualified commercial pilot with engineering qualifications as a graduate, knowing that airlines prefer their pilots to have engineering qualifications.

University of New South Wales

There is a growing market for commercial aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul which necessitates expertise in maintenance scheduling management, planning, and organization. The Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance Systems degree will prepare you for work in these fields.


RMIT University

You will design aircraft and spacecraft, develop propulsion systems, research new materials, test new engines, develop rockets, and plan maintenance subjects with this course.

Swinburne University of Technology

The Bachelor program will prepare you for a career as a commercial pilot. You’ll get your commercial pilot license and learn how to fly a multi-crew jet at CAE Oxford Aviation Academy, which is located at Moorabbin Airport. There are additional elective flying qualifications available.

Edith Cowan University

The course focuses on the development of knowledge and skills relevant to the industry, and it includes strong elements of practical problem-solving, teamwork, and project work, in addition to a solid theoretical foundation.

William Angliss Institute

With the industry-approved course, you’ll go on industry-based excursions and learning experiences, increasing your employability.


CQ University

The degree at CQU will prepare you for a diverse career in aviation, one of the most important global economic industries. The university versatile degree offers two major options to suit your interests and career goals.

University of Southern Queensland

The Bachelor at UniSQ prepares you for a career in an exciting and fast-paced industry, with the option of pursuing various study paths based on your interests. You will explore an exciting ground-breaking role with the aviation management major.

Aviation Australia

The diploma course is accredited by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and they are the first step on your path to becoming a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME).

Melbourne Polytechnic

Melbourne Polytechnic provides a comprehensive range of public works design and construction courses and subjects. The students learn civil construction processes, surveying, CAD skills, technical drawing, force systems, and fabrication techniques.


Australian Defense Force Academy

The Bachelor of Technology program is divided into foundation science, engineering technology, materials and structures, dynamics and control, design and management, and discipline-specific areas such as aircraft design and maintenance and engine performance.

University of Adelaide

The program is divided into two years: foundation and advanced studies. You will study space design, applied aerodynamics, and aeronautical engineering, as well as business and project management skills.

Monash University

As an aerospace engineer, you will be able to address many of tomorrow’s global challenges. You could help build a more environmentally friendly passenger aircraft or even an aircraft capable of exploring the solar system and beyond.

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