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My Progression From A Sixth-form College To An Undergraduate Program In The UK

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This study life features an undergraduate student studying law in the UK. In this article, she describes her time in a sixth-form college and shares how her study experience in a sixth-form college helped her progress into an undergraduate program in the UK.

Before going abroad to study, did you have prior undergraduate education experience in your home country?


What was your level of education before you travelled out?

High school

Where are you studying or where did you study?

United Kingdom

What’s your current area of study?


Which study pathway did you take in getting admission to your University?

A Law program through a sixth-form College.

How would you describe your experience at the sixth-form college?

I had a great time at college. I got to meet a lot of amazing people. My teachers were one of the best things that happened to me and I still miss them. I got to learn a lot from the people there and I also grew as a person.

Are there particular advantages your experience at the sixth-form college gave you as an undergraduate in a foreign University? 

My experience in a sixth-form college gave me an idea of what I was going in to study, and the advice given to me by the teaching staff was of great help.

What are the differences you noticed in the teaching methods in Universities abroad from your home country?

I have learnt to do more independent study, which I did during my time in Nigeria I have just made it a habit now. But I mean, school is the same anywhere 😂. You just have to strive for the best.


What would you say about the lecturer-student relationship where you studied (or are studying) abroad? – Or how the University management relates to students

The lecturers have established a good relationship with the students. They let us understand that we can always reach out to them. They are always welcoming.

What’s the most culture shock experience you witnessed as an international student?

The cold, the drinking culture here, the elderly ones are called by their names, and the diversity in food and culture.

How To Choose The Best Sixth-form College

Are there specific things to look out for when applying to schools in your study destination?

The university’s acceptance rate, and the opportunities they offer to their international students. You can also research based on personal preference and what would work best for you.

What’s it like for international students looking to find a job while studying and post-study? 

You can work in retail and hospitality while in school. While studying try to attend virtual programs. Take upskilling programs. Join LinkedIn and connect with people in your area of study. As a law student, I participate in virtual law programs that give tips on applying for vacation schemes, gaining important skills and what a potential employer is looking out for when hiring.

Can you comment on the hospitality of the nationals of the country where you study?

The people here are very friendly and always ready to offer a helping hand


Any advice for international students who want to study in the country where you study?

Always pray. Try to connect with people. Be open to new ideas and culture. Try to make it your home away from home.

7 Reasons Your Study Abroad Plans Are Undecided

Is there anything you wished you knew before going abroad to study or deciding on your study destination?

I wish I knew what the community was like before coming. It is not all roses without thorns.

Would you like to stay back in your study destination after your programme? Why?

That is something I am still thinking about.

Will you explore careers in your current area of study or are you looking to switch careers after your programme? What are the reasons driving your choices?

I am seeking to explore careers in my study area, but I want to do something different from the traditional solicitor and barrister route. I want something different for a change.



Your study life as an international student can be without stress. Speak with an International Education Counsellor to explore sixth-form colleges best for you or other options for your international education.



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