Hitting The Bull’s Eye in Electrical Engineering


camera 943244 1920One can agree that almost all higher education Colleges/Universities would have basic provisions for the attainment of one degree or the other in Electrical Engineering. However, it is important to understand that comprehensive and extensive coverage of the nooks and crannies of this field is needed for resounding success in its practices.

After some thorough considerations, reviews and evaluations, we have been able to compile a list of Universities with standard offers/ provisions in the field. These are:

  • The University of Hertfordshire
  • Northumbria University
  • Coventry University (MSc)

Attainable Qualifications in Electrical Engineering

Internationally recognized academic qualifications in Electrical Engineering include:

  • S. in E.E (Electrical Engineering) or alternatively, BEng.
  • S. in E.E (Electrical Engineering) or alternatively, MEng.

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Job Prospects

Generally, industries, where Electrical engineers are in high demand, are manufacturing firms, development/ engineering services or organizations as well as tech companies. Some Electrical Engineers also function as consultants who regularly pay visits to sites in order to identify electrical faults or facilitate the operations of related facilities.

Furthermore, organizations such as telecommunications companies, lighting agencies, aerospace firms, government institutions and many others, constantly seek the services and expertise of Electrical Engineers. To be candid, the list is endless and this is due to the principal reliability of electrical devices in many corporate bodies.

 Payment Structure

While it may not always be the case, the average salary range of a qualified Electrical Engineer, according to an analysis made by the salary.com website, is between fifty $55,000 and $70,000. (That goes a long way to validate the lucrative nature of the field.)

How Do You Begin your Journey Towards a Successful Career in Electrical Engineering?

This community is blessed with professional and apt counselors whose responsibility is not just to secure a good placement for you in an ideal University, but are equally ready to assist you throughout the entire period of your studies, offering steady and reliable advises and guidance on the primary ways to become a successful/ internationally certified Electrical Engineer. You can reach us at any time via counsellor@degreesandcareers.info.

Let’s help you succeed!

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