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Exploring Top Careers In Engineering

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Engineering is a broad field with many careers to explore. In this article, we will be discussing a few careers in engineering, skills needed in the engineering industry and postgraduate options in engineering to consider.

Careers in engineering are concerned with the science of design, construction and maintenance of machines, systems and structures. The engineering industry creates room for innovation, creativity, design and development of both systems and products.

The nature of engineering is multifaceted, and with the advancement of technology, the industry is expanding, creating a range of specializations for graduates to explore.

Careers in Engineering

Careers in engineering are very much in demand and demand is likely to keep increasing as a result of the industry’s innovation and creativity.

Here are 6 top careers in engineering you can explore:

  • Civil Engineering

Civil engineers specialize in the design and construction of buildings, roads, bridges, airports and water supply systems. These professionals are primarily responsible for constructing structures to withstand environmental hazards and natural disasters.

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careers in engineering


  • Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers typically work in the biological and medical sciences. These professionals design and develop biomedical equipment, systems and software that will improve the healthcare industry. This discipline is responsible for innovations like MRI, prosthesis and artificial organs.

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  • Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is the branch of engineering that focuses on improving products and the production process. Industrial engineers design processes and systems that improve the quality of products, increase efficiency and reduce wastage of resources.

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  • Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering is one of the highest paying specializations in the engineering industry. Petroleum engineering involves exploring the earth’s surface to extract crude oil and natural gas. Petroleum engineers specialize in finding the safest and most profitable way to recover petroleum products.

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  • Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineers are responsible for researching and developing manufacturing processes for chemical components and production. This discipline is concerned with using chemicals in manufacturing pharmaceutical products, industrial chemicals and food processing.

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  • Software Engineering

Software Engineering focuses on the testing, design, development and maintenance of computer software. Software engineers apply principles of math, computer science and engineering in creating new software and programming computers to function as they should.

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careers in engineering

Skills needed in the Engineering Industry

Most professionals in the engineering industry tend to be resilient and logical thinkers. However, regardless of your field of study, here are specific skills you will need to succeed in engineering:

  • Problem-Solving

The engineering industry is majorly concerned with identifying problems and finding solutions to those problems. Professionals in the industry are skilled at identifying problems and their potential causes and finding solutions to them.

  • Teamwork

Collaboration is a key part of engineering because engineers always have to work with professionals within and outside the industry. Teamwork and collaboration skills are essential to fully cooperate and perform at the best ability on any task.

  • Project management

Most engineers are responsible for overseeing teams and ensuring specific deadlines are met. Professionals in the engineering industry need to improve their project management skills to achieve set project goals within a particular timeframe and budget scale.

  • Creativity

In solving problems, innovating new products and structures, engineers apply their creative skills to find solutions to existing challenges. Creativity is much needed to succeed in engineering because careers in engineering are primarily about problem-solving, design and development.

careers in engineering

  • Attention to detail

Attention to detail is a necessary skill across all careers in engineering. Engineering involves complex projects that require precision, for this reason, professionals are required to have strong attention to detail to reduce wastage of resources and detect errors easily.

Postgraduate degree options in Engineering

Although there are a few areas in engineering that you can start a career in without a degree in engineering, most careers in engineering require at least a Bachelors degree to start a career in the industry.

Getting a postgraduate degree in an Engineering field is a great way to help advance your career. A postgraduate degree refines your skills and knowledge in a particular speciality and exposes you to relevant research and trends in that field.

In addition to the areas previously mentioned in this article, here are other areas in engineering you can consider for a postgraduate degree:

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • Computer Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering


If you need further guidance on study options and career paths in Engineering or counselling regarding schools to apply to for your degree, please click here to chat with our counsellors. 


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