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Agricultural Engineering

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agricultural engineering4Agricultural engineering is not your everyday career. It involves the combination of knowledge/resources from fields such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, agricultural science, electrical engineering, and chemical engineering. Agricultural engineers are the reason farming has become easier, safer and more widely practiced. They basically examine different practices/procedures in agriculture and come up with technological inventions that can help improve such processes. They equally provide health and safety tips for farmers, their livestock or farm produce in general.

What Agricultural Engineers Do

Biological discoveries continue to give importance and relevance to agricultural engineers as products, which were at a time considered to be waste, are now being converted to very useful by-products.

Below are some of their primary roles.agricultural engineering

• Production of agricultural equipment
• The suggestion of new planting and harvesting methods
• Improving the sustainability of farm produce.
• Conducting researches and experiments
• Providing technical assistance to farmers.
• Finding solutions to crop loss and storage challenges.

Therefore, being an agricultural engineer, you must be Thinking, Building or Persuading.

Basic skills/qualities for Agricultural Engineersagricultural engineering 5

Education for agricultural engineers

If you are considering a career in this field, it is important to have taken subjects such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology and of course, agricultural science, in secondary school. Then, you can proceed to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering from an accredited college (find the list of the best colleges below). Unlike some other fields, you get practical experience while studying and this ultimately gives you first-hand knowledge about your roles and responsibilities and helps prepare your career goals.

agricultural engineering 2
Job Prospects

It is not uncommon to find self-employed agricultural engineers, as well as those who work directly with farmers. However, as a result of continuous advancement in agriculture, the need for experts who can provide technological solutions for established organizations within the sector is becoming increasingly popular. Some organizations with such needs are:
Waste management companiesagricultural engineering3
• Food production factories
• Agricultural equipment factories
• Food and environmental control units
• Tech firms
• Agricultural research institutions.
• Machinery production units.
• Government-owned agricultural centers.


The highest annual income for agricultural engineers is pegged at $116,000, while the least income for anyone in the field is about $45,000. This means that their median annual income is a little above $74,000. Quite reasonable if you ask me, especially since the need for qualified experts keeps growing.

Schools to Get the Best of Agricultural Engineering Experience.

Kansas State University
University of California – Davis
Oregon State University
Purdue University
University of Wisconsin – Madison

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