Top 10 Careers Where Women Are Leading


Every March during International Women’s Day, the world celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, it is also the time to reinforce the call to action for accelerating gender equality and justice for women.

It goes without saying that in this 21st century, the scope and demands of work have changed. And over the last few decades, the career landscape has changed dramatically for women especially, and even greater transformation will be seen in the coming years.

As human wants and aspirations continue to change, so also would we see a shift in the technology required to live through the times. In the knowledge and career space, it is no longer business as usual. We have now seen the evolution of jobs that require human skills and capacity for kindness, empathy, adaptability, and creativity; qualities that are considered natural female traits.

Although women are still terribly underrepresented in certain lucrative careers, however, as the world becomes more and more aware of gender parity and as we continue to press for equity in the job space, we will continue to see the glass ceiling being shattered.

Here are the top 10 careers that we have found women to be winning and seems to provide them with the best opportunity for career success.

1. Marketing And PR

Communications is one sector where women are thriving greatly. Across the world, careers in Marketing and PR are dominated by women.

A 2014 study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (US), reports that women make up 63 per cent of public relations specialists and 59 per cent of all PR managers.  Another report from a study conducted by PR Daily suggests that the female percentage in HR and Marketing is closer to 73, or even 85 per cent.

This is even expected to expand on a much larger scale in the future, as expert predictions project female spending power to increase, which might upset the way companies market their product and services by creating communications that appeal to women.

2. Event Management 

Event management is dominated by women as it requires a certain level of management skills and multi-tasking, qualities that are much more inherent in women.

Communication skills, organisational and people management, and an eye for detail are significant requirement needed to excel in Event Management. And over the years, women have been able to rise up to the occasion and have done incredible stuff in events management.

3. Human Resources

Human resources professionals are among the important personnel of companies.

Currently, the HR industry is dominated by women, who leverage their expansive humane capacity for administration and communication skills to influence work-culture.

4. Career Counselling

Career Counselling is another career where you find women excelling.  For career counsellors, guiding students and helping them find a sense of direction for life is very fulfilling. And this is one of the best jobs that you’d find women dominating.

Career Counsellors assess students’ aptitudes, interests, personality, and other behavioural traits. They help students discover and understand what they are good at and which educational and career options are best suited for them.

5. Teaching

Teaching has always been considered one of the best jobs for women. Aside from being a noble and rewarding profession, it also serves as an opportunity for women to play an important role in shaping people’s lives.

6. Creative Industry

The internet has created a global marketplace for ideas and products and creatives can now connect like never before to hone their talents and share ideas. These interactions have created a world of creative contents online. And as social media continues to grow, creative contents continue to be in great demand.

Over the years, women have created brilliant, spectacular contents and they dominate in the top tier of the content creation spectrum.

7.  Media And Journalism

The media sector holds a wide range of opportunities for women.

Media and Journalism allow women to exercise their creative freedom considerably and it is also a career where they find immense job satisfaction – these make it one of the best jobs for women.

8. Fashion Design And Merchandising

Women’s inherent sense of style and fashion, and intellect, and creativity could be said to be responsible for why women flourish in the fashion world.

In Fashion designing and merchandising, women commonly occupy these positions: Fashion or Apparel Designer, Fashion Merchandiser, Fashion Technologist, or Textile Technologist.

9. Environmental Science

Environmental science is one of the careers in STEM where women are winning. Environmentalist study, develop, implement and advise government and private organisations about manginging and protecting the environment.

10. Healthcare

According to a recent data, healthcare services is among the main sectors employing women. Careers in healthcare are projected to be the occupations expected to have the largest numbers of new jobs over the next few years.

Healthcare also offer women flexible working hours and the oppurtunity to work and travel around the world.


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