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Studying in Canada

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Canada is certainly not a regular destination for international students. Among other qualities, there is a fine blend of different cultural practices which automatically makes you feel excited as soon as you set your feet into its borders. Canadian cities are known for their friendly, entertaining, and largely peaceful environments. It is also a country where true bilingualism is consistently functional. And thankfully, English and French- its official languages- are the most widely spoken languages in the world.

All these notwithstanding, universities in Canada are rated among the best existing universities. When it comes to infrastructure, academics, research, positive learning outcomes, good learning conditions, top of the line lecture room and labs, vocational activities, and so on, Canadian schools tick all the boxes. Read on to learn about the education curriculum, as well as some popular universities in Canada.

Universities in Canada

Canadian Educational Structure

Undergraduate studies– 3 to 4 years. Usually determined by your chosen university.

Postgraduate Studies– 1 to 3 years. Usually determined by the degree you intend to pursue.

Other educational bodies are colleges, technical, and applied arts schools where you can get certifications such as diplomas and bachelor’s degrees in multiple areas of knowledge.

Operations within Canadian universities are monitored by leaders of their respective provinces. This is why the duration of degrees in Ontario, for instance, is not the same as that of Quebec. Again, in Quebec, you will have to take a foundational course with a vocational school before you can gain admission to a proper university. However, the foundational course covers for the first year of your university degree.

Popular universities in Canada

Education in Canada

As mentioned earlier, Canadian universities are definitely well-placed among prominent universities in the world. In fact, the most recent QS University Rankings feature 26 universities in Canada. British Columbia, Quebec, and Ontario are ideal destinations as they are host to reputable schools in the country. That aside, international students will find these provinces welcoming and interesting.

Universities in Quebec

Universities in Ontario

Universities in British Columbia

Tuition Fees in Canadian Universities

While the standard and quality of education remain top-notch, you won’t have to pay as much as you would pay in schools in The UK or US.  Schooling is Canada is relatively affordable, considering the value rendered.  The average tuition fees are about $13,000 US dollars. Generally, Engineering and courses in Sciences are slightly costlier than courses in humanities.


Financial Aid Packages for Nigerian Students

The FCMB/MOD EAS program is the only verified and realistic financial aid provision for Nigerian students seeking to study in any Canadian University. EAS is an acronym for Educational Advisory Services and since its launch, Students with International education plans have begun to make most of it. You can send us a mail or chat us up to instantly learn more about this package. It is indeed a game changer for Nigerians.



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