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Top Universities in Australia To Study Public Health

public health

There has been an increasing demand for qualified and efficient public health professionals in Australia. The Public health field is also constantly expanding especially due to an increasingly aging population. A career in public health is now among the most in-demand career fields not just in Australia but globally. 

In this article, you will find the top universities in Australia where you can apply to for a degree in Public health. 

Anu College

The MSc program will equip you with the skills and experience you need to enter the public health industry either through research or workforce. It offers a unique blend of applied education and hands-on techniques that address contemporary global health issues. The program is offered both online and in-person and has an advanced option that incorporates a research project.

Curtin University

Curtin’s public health courses are multidisciplinary and designed for healthcare professionals who wish to develop their skills and knowledge. Whether you are already working in the health sector or are interested in advancing in this field, the courses will prepare you for contemporary public health practice that addresses traditional and emerging issues.

Deakin University

Deakin offers six specializations: epidemiology, health promotion, humanitarian aid, disability and inclusion, public health practice, health economics, and management. This flexible degree allows you to customize your unit to align with your specific areas of interest and career goals.

public health

Edith Cowan University

The degree offers a variety of elective units for you to specialize in your area of interest. You will also work closely with public health professionals and conduct research projects on current health issues which will help you build a personal portfolio of evidence to support your transition to the profession.

Griffith College

This program helps you develop and advance your career in public health practice, research, and management. It allows you to refocus your health interests towards disease prevention and health promotion.

Latrobe University

At Latrobe, you will learn how to help people and communities prevent disease and promote good health. You will also develop practical skills in health education, communication, health planning, and management to solve problems in health systems, communities, and society.

University of Newcastle

The program is intended for professionals working in a variety of settings, including health departments and community organizations. The MPH is a flexible degree designed to give you a broad introduction to public health and to provide the skills and knowledge to define, critically assess, and resolve health issues within a community.

Western Sydney University

You will learn how to help people and communities prevent disease and promote good health. You will develop practical skills in health education, communication, health planning, and management to solve problems in health systems, communities, and society.

public health

University of Tasmania

This course will introduce you to epidemiological surveillance, health promotion, and the design of interventions to prevent the burden of disease, disability, and health systems planning. The course also covers environmental health, prevention of noncommunicable diseases, epidemiology of communicable diseases, and health economics.

Charles Darwin University

The program is available to study online or on campus. You will learn an excellent set of skills that will allow you to work in public health in local, rural, distant, and global environments.

Swinburne University of Technology

This course expands students’ nutritional knowledge while exploring priority issues related to contemporary public health nutrition, such as obesity, food security, food sustainability, and food supply. The use and importance of digital health in public health nutrition will also be explored.

University of Melbourne

As part of the course, students are exposed to the fundamental foundations of public health theory and practice and also have the opportunity to specialize in the advanced training courses offered by the University of Melbourne.

University of Queensland

The Masters of Public Health is a 1 year 6 months program that will give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to influence and inform health policies You will learn how to act on new developments regarding health issues, such as COVID19, diabetes, obesity, HIV/AIDS and injury prevention, as well as more traditional issues such as malnutrition and communicable diseases.

public health

Monash University

The degree focuses on communities rather than individuals, promoting good health, disease prevention, and disability management. The course includes health promotion, epidemiology, biomedical sciences, forensics, social sciences, health data management, and global health.

University of South Australia

At the University of South Australia, you have the opportunity of being a part of a leading research, education, and service organization that has a significant and positive impact on the community.

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