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Top 15 US Universities To Study Social Work

social work

Social work is one of the fastest-growing careers in the U.S and it offers a fulfilling career path with a range of employment opportunities.

For people who are committed to helping others, and improving social conditions by creating a more nurturing, just, and humane social environment, social work is a great career to explore.

Here are 15 top US universities to explore for a degree in social work:

Arizona State University

The social work programs at Arizona State University prepare students to be generalist social work practitioners, focusing on advocacy, referrals, case management and problem-solving functions with individuals, groups, families, organizations and the community.

University of Alabama

Through its rigorous academic program, the School of Social Work prepares graduates for practice as social workers and careers that require skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and inter-professional collaboration. The program emphasizes the value of diversity and the importance of promoting social and economic justice.

Boston College

Boston College’s two-year MSW program offers a rigorous curriculum, valuable field education opportunities, and the ability to customize your degree by selecting a specialization and field of practice and pursuing optional certificates in a range of subjects.

University of Utah

Through education and research, the University of Utah College Of Social Work contributes to shaping policies, services, and interventions; preventing and alleviating human suffering; enhancing individual, family, community, and global well-being; and promoting social and economic justice.

Baylor University

Baylor University’s Garland School prepares students to become professional social workers who can assess and build on the strengths of persons, families and communities. Graduates of this program, are prepared to serve as social work clinicians and counsellors, program planners, administrators and community developers within diverse public and private sectors.

social work

Colorado State University

Social work programs at the university focus on social justice, equity and equality, anti-oppression, and enhancing human health and well-being. With a BSW degree, you will gain knowledge and skills about human behaviour and social systems, with a particular focus on helping people who are vulnerable or oppressed.

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University’s School of Social Work provides students with an academic experience rooted in research, real-world experience and a focus on humanity. Built upon an unwavering commitment to social justice, the school is a leader in integrating practice and education with faculty members who have made substantial contributions to the profession.

San Jose University

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Work curriculum provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to engage in critical thinking about social problems and develop an understanding of the social structures of American society.

University of Illinois at Chicago

The CSWE-accredited Social Work program prepares students with the competencies and behaviours necessary for advanced social work practise in an area of specialization. Curriculum areas include social work practice, human behaviour and the social environment, social work research, social welfare policy and services, and field instruction.

social work

University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina College of Social Work is educating the next generation of professionals who will serve our communities. Whether you are interested in direct client service, advocacy or policy, these programs will give you the knowledge and skills necessary for a career as a social worker.

Florida International University

The program offers an integrated educational experience that combines the theoretical and the practical, designed to prepare the student for generalist practice as a beginning professional social worker.

Ohio State University

The Ohio State University Bachelor of Science Program prepares students for generalist social work practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. Students develop skills as change agents whose practice promotes professional values and ethics and demonstrates a commitment to difference and diversity.

University of Washington

The School of Social Work seeks individuals who are interested in tackling complex social problems, building skills to help individuals, families and communities, and who are committed to becoming social change agents. The school’s programs emphasize social justice and support students to develop a critical lens on human behaviour and social systems.

University of Texas at Austin

The BSW major combines liberal arts and social work classes with a focus on social justice and built-in experiential learning in the community. It is a professional degree that leads to licensure and direct entry into human service jobs.

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