Sixth Form: The easiest Link to International Education


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Sixth form education is a British-designed curriculum that helps in preparing secondary school graduates towards their university education. Students get to have foundational knowledge and lessons in higher education courses and programmes and sometimes, it serves as the last opportunity to make decisions on the careers that suit them.

In Nigeria, sixth form education and colleges have continued to gain popularity, especially among those seeking to study abroad. The list contninues to grow. However, here some notable ones.

  • Bridge House College
  • Westerfield College
  • Oxbridge College
  • Global International College
  • Wisdom Collge
  • GEC Academy

This notwithstanding, many parents are still particularly skeptical about enrolling their wards in a sixth form college in the country.

They continue to ask questions such as:

“Why should I send my kids there when I can just get them a school in the UK directly?”

“What’s the probability that my child will secure an admission?”

“Do we have British standard sixth form colleges in Nigeria?”

“What about getting their Visas?

“Why is it so important to get a sixth form education?”

“What courses can be studied at the sixth form level?”

And many others.


After a careful examination of its facilities, programs, success rates, staff members, security measures, among other impressive offers, Westerfield College surely leads the pack of sixth form colleges in Nigeria. The college boasts British standard facilities, as well as qualified lecturers with many years of experience. Whatever worries that the questions above must have raised, Westerfield College puts an end to them.

Why Choose Westerfield (sixth form)?

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Every international student would need a one-year foundation program before advancing into a three-year university degree in the UK. Westerfield College takes care of that foundation year in Nigeria, at a much-reduced cost. This means your ward would have the ideal UK foundation program right here in Nigeria but you would be paying half as much as you would originally pay, should you send them to the UK directly.

There have been 100% admission success rates since its inception, notwithstanding the program your ward decides to pursue. (International Foundation program or Cambridge A Levels)

Using its curriculum, standard of teaching, and classroom structures as a yardstick, Westerfield is a complete British model, no stone has been left unturned in that aspect.

You don’t have to worry about securing visas too. The college has unrivaled visa success rates. That validates its standards.

After the one year program, students usually progress to the second year of the universities they must have chosen.

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Kids get to meet others whom they have healthy relationships with. This helps in the smooth transition to their respective Universities as some eventually have their university education in similar schools.

Sixth form curriculum explores all courses you may find in universities. Whatsoever career you desire to pursue, there is a provision for it.

One quick advice: Get a qualitative education for your wards but most importantly, get the right education.

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