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10 Research Universities In The UK

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A research degree is a more advanced course of study that allows you to investigate a topic relevant to your field. Under the supervision of world-class researchers, you will learn and apply advanced methodologies to generate new knowledge and solve problems in your discipline.

The United Kingdom is a global science powerhouse. With so many universities at the forefront of global discoveries and emerging technology, students graduate with insights and experience that are in high demand globally.

The UK continues to be globally recognized for their commitment to building on an extraordinary heritage of discoveries. With nearly 200,000 citable publications in 2020.


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10 Research Universities In The UK

UCL is a multifaceted global community of world-class academics, students, industry connections, external partners, and alums. The university’s distinct approach to education and innovation aims to inspire the communities further to change how the world is understood, knowledge is created and shared, and global problems are solved.

The University of Edinburgh is a world-class university, ranked fourth in the UK for research power (Times Higher Education’s REF power ratings), with 90% of the activity classified as world-leading or internationally excellent in the 2021 Research Excellence Framework.

Northumbria University is a modern research-intensive university with a global reputation for academic excellence. They conducted groundbreaking research responsive to the community’s needs in science and technology, health and well-being, economic and social, and arts and culture.

The University of Sussex has a long history of experimentation and innovation, making a significant difference in the lives of many students and those who benefit from the research and other endeavors. They build on these accomplishments to become a better university dedicated to improving the world.


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You will discover how their researchers influence public policy, improve people’s lives, and help businesses and industries compete more successfully. You can search by topic, academic school, established strengths, and interdisciplinary challenges. You can leverage their expertise and collaborate with world-class researchers to achieve your business objectives, including growth, innovation, skill development, and sustainability.

Lancaster University researchers share the stories, setbacks, and discoveries behind the headlines in a series of interviews, providing an in-depth look at some genuinely life-changing work at our university.

From climate change to robotics, the university addresses some of the most pressing environmental, social, and economic challenges confronting our rapidly changing world. By forming positive partnerships and collaborating closely with communities worldwide, they can explore cultural insights, track societal shifts, and deliver effective solutions as populations adapt to economic and global pressures. Their goal is to collaborate on research that will benefit future generations.

As a Russell Group university, the program has a global impact. They believe in breaking down traditional barriers between academic disciplines so that the university can address the more significant problems of the twenty-first century from both human and physical perspectives. They are constantly looking for new ways to engage with partners to build productive relationships that address some of humanity’s most pressing issues.


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The program validates an imaging platform developed in collaboration with CTI-Bath that predicts whether a cancer patient will respond well to immunotherapy.

The university has been breaking down barriers between students and researchers, the arts and science, and business and social responsibility since 1963. They are redefining what it means to be a university and how it can best prepare you for a future in a rapidly changing world.


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