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Most Employable Degrees In The UK

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It’s no secret that competition is quite fierce in the UK job market at the moment. This means that it is worth considering which degree will increase your job prospects after graduation.

Beyond your motivation, at some point, you have to choose a degree that promises to give you a better future in terms of financial gains. Some degree financial benefits outweigh others. For instance, you may prefer a degree that offers countless job opportunities and high incomes.

Here Are The Most Employable Degrees In The UK

Medicine and Dentistry

99% of all medical and dental graduates find employment or further their education within 6 months of graduation. Imagine a class of 200 people studying medicine or dentistry and all managed to find a job. Impressive right? Most impressively, the median salary for medical and dental graduates is £30,000.

Make no mistake, these graduates are in high demand because the degree requires dedication and hard work. Medical students struggle harder than anyone else, so if you want to go this route, be prepared to work all day and every day.

Veterinary Medicine

This is a different discipline from medicine and dentistry. It holds the stakes with 98% of all graduates finding work or studying 6 months after graduation. One of the things that make veterinary science degrees so grueling is the duration which lasts for five to six years.

Most Employable Degrees


Long gone are the days when construction and design did not matter. The industry is changing rapidly and these professionals are in demand in the job market. Today, investors are aiming for objects that are above optimal standards, respectful of the environment, enhancing space, and unique in their presentation.

To cope with these modern demands, professional architects are needed. In addition to many job opportunities, architecture graduates are also well paid for their work.

Computer Science

Today, we perform almost all tasks through a screen, just like businesses. This has led to an increase in the need for IT experts to maintain and protect network systems from virtual attacks. A computer science degree in the UK will provide you with unlimited job opportunities in a variety of industries.

The labor market is in short supply of these professionals and this shortage will certainly be present in the future. This ensures that IT graduates will enjoy a high employability rate. Other than that, your earnings will meet your financial goals.


Economics graduates are highly sought after in the UK job market. Every type of business needs a professional economist who maintains the financial stability of the business. Therefore, if you have an economics degree, you will have plenty of jobs available to you once you graduate. Economists are among the highest-paid employees because their contribution is invaluable to a company.

Most Employable Degrees


A law degree is not only proof of knowledge of the law, it is a certificate of applied intelligence and memory. Law graduates find work other than solicitors and start their careers with around £19,500 after graduation. It is important to note that a large portion of law graduates always further their further education after graduation, implying that many law graduates choose to further specialize in specific aspects of law after graduation.


Studying math is a challenge, but if you are a talented student, you are lucky to have chosen one of the most profitable degrees. The gap between the high need for mathematicians and the shortage of supply in the labor market are the main indicators of the employability rate of this degree. The UK  has some of the best math schools and employers around the world and they are eager to hire their graduates.


Engineers are highly sought-after people. This is evident with the employment (or further education) rate of 85% within 6 months of graduation. Engineering is an extremely broad subject. It covers fields such as electricity, mechanics, software, environment, chemistry, acoustics, biological, and civil engineering.

Most Employable Degrees

Business and Administrative Studies

Qualified academics are needed in all sectors to keep businesses running smoothly. It’s no surprise that 88% of business graduates are either in full-time employment or further education within 6 months of graduation.

Many jobs are on the horizon for business graduates with roles available in finance, marketing, project management, human resources, logistics, sales, and economics.

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