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MBA or MSc: Which is right for you?

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Are you planning to apply for a postgraduate degree abroad? And are you in a dilemma about the choice to make between MBA or MSc?

Dilemma over MSc or MBA

Both degrees offer a valuable addition to your career and can help you gain valuable skills. However, each has its distinct areas of focus.

Here, in this blog post, we would highlight the major distinctions between MBA and MSc and which would benefit your career in the long run.

So are you planning to study for your postgraduate degree? And are you struggling between these two choices – an MBA or MSc? Which will benefit your career in the future?

MBA is a professional postgraduate degree awarded for studies in the areas of business, entrepreneurial leadership, and management. MBA programs are modelled to teach you the theories and application of business and managerial principles.

MSc is an academic postgraduate degree offering advanced studies in a particular subject or discipline.

And you do not need to have acquired work experience to enrol in an MSc degree program.

Though both MSc and MBA would help you develop your skills and knowledge in their own peculiar ways, it’s what you want to do with either degree that ultimately decides which you should choose. 

An MBA or MSc – reflecting on life choices!

There are no easy answers really considering which of the options is better in the general sense. 

In making this choice, however, you’d need to ask yourself a certain private question: “what direction do you want your life to go?” If you are able to answer this question honestly, then you would be able to determine which of this option best aligns with your life goals. 

If your professional goal, in the long run, is to work within the business or entrepreneurship sector then an MBA degree might be the right fit for you. 

But if you are not business or management-oriented and what you desire is an in-depth knowledge about a particular area of study or you are interested in research in a certain subject or you want to specialize in a discipline, then you should consider an MSc degree.

Choosing between MBA and MScIf you desire to focus on a particular profession as your core passion and work in a sector relevant to that profession or conduct research in a particular area or you want to take up teaching as a career, an MSc would be a good choice for you.

But, if you desire to learn management and leadership skills, learn the strategies involved in managing people better and how to make progressive logical decisions in a business, then you should go for a degree in MBA. 

Most MBA awarding institutions require students to have prior work experience of at least 2 years before applying for an MBA programme.


Consider these questions before making your choice between an MBA or MSc:

Below are some questions that you should reflect on if you are unsure about which course to choose:

  • Do you have the required work experience needed to apply for an MBA? 
  • Are you ready to make significant investments for an MBA degree? Since many MBA courses are expensive especially at reputable schools. 
  • Do you think you want to abandon your technical and professional skills for business management skills? 
  • Are you enthusiastic to get into research? If yes, then an MSc degree is the best for you.


Remember each course has its benefits, and the world needs everyone and every profession to continue. We need Agricultural scientists as well as financial analysts and entrepreneurs! There is really no definite right or wrong choice between an MS or MBA – what matters is what you think would work better for you.

But then, if you have the luxury of time and finance who says you can’t get both degrees. Apply for an MSc, gain some years of work experience, then go for an MBA. 

It’s all about your life goals and the direction you want your life to take. So let your ambitions and necessities determine your higher education choice.

Do not opt for a course just because others are going for it. Do not end up studying something which would not be beneficial to your career in the long run. And most importantly, choose a degree you think you would find joy and fulfilment doing it.


If you have any queries regarding education abroad or if you need any assistance with processing your admissions, our study abroad counsellors are always willing to guide you.


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