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Top 15 Universities In Australia To Study International Business

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With technology advancing, businesses are now exploring opportunities in the global marketplace. Organizations are experiencing an urgent need for skilled managers with insight into the complexities of global trade and who can manage the risks that come with international business.

Here are 15 top universities in Australia to study international business:

LaTrobe University

La Trobe’s International Business program offers the opportunity to advance your understanding of international commerce and trade. This comprehensive degree program will accelerate your knowledge of finance, accounting, logistics and supply chain, human resources, governance, marketing and management – all from an international perspective.

Australian National University

The Bachelor of International Business provides a comprehensive understanding of the business activities that occur across borders and cultures. You’ll learn how leaders negotiate, resolve conflict, and manage across cultures in a global business world.

Queensland University of Technology

This course is designed to extend your real-world international business knowledge and skills. You will acquire industry knowledge and skills that span trade procedures, logistics, negotiation techniques, languages, regional understanding and offshore business strategies.

RMIT University

RMIT’s international business program gives you the skills to analyse and interpret the complex operations of global organisations, international trade and business relationships.

It will also provide you with the capacity to address the international regulation of business and critically evaluate the impacts of decisions and practice through case studies and interactive and experiential learning activities.

Western Sydney University

Through this program, students will develop their capacity to appreciate the historical development of relations among nation-states and analyse contemporary political, economic, social and cultural issues such as globalisation, transnationalism and migration.

international business

The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney’s International Business program is designed to help you expand your skills to meet the growing demands of a globalised business world. This program will help you to understand how multinational and transnational industries work and will propel you forward in your career. You will learn essential tools for cross-cultural communication as well as business strategies to succeed in a multinational business environment.

The University of Melbourne

The Melbourne Business School’s International Business program will equip you with effective management skills for the international business sector.

This program is for graduates who wish to establish a management career in international business, and who aim to develop a sound understanding of the policies governing the world trade and investment system, with a particular focus on the Asia-Pacific region.

University of New South Wales

The International Business program at UNSW is a comprehensive postgraduate degree that provides a broad scope of business know-how of international business. You’ll develop the ability to think globally and strategically, setting you up to become an effective and successful leader in the global business environment.

University of Auckland

This International Business program complements majors in both business-related disciplines and majors in other areas. For students who wish to concentrate on developing more quantitative skills, the subject is complementary to Finance and Economics majors. For those more oriented to developing communication and interpersonal engagement skills, it is complemented by majors in Marketing and Management.

Curtin University

This course enables you to gain the knowledge and expertise needed to advance in the field of international business and management. It entails both independent study and team projects across a range of relevant, internationally focused subjects.

international business

Massey University

Massey’s international business program has a comprehensive range of courses. You’ll learn about cross-cultural management, international business strategy, the political economy of international business, regional economic integration and contemporary issues relevant to international business.

The University of Queensland

This international business program will prepare you to work in any business with global operations, or any business that wants to expand.

You’ll learn how local conditions can affect global business operations. You’ll also study key topics including international trade and investment, international marketing, and how firms operate when they engage in international business, finance and strategy.

University of Canberra

This course offers a multidisciplinary approach to analysing the main issues and considerations in the growth and functioning of international businesses. It has a strong emphasis on trade and investment in an international context and places significant emphasis on managerial issues and perspectives. You’ll develop skills and competencies in the understanding of business systems, and the cross-cultural or supply chain issues affecting them from an international business perspective.

University of Newcastle

The Master of International Business focuses on developing skills and understanding requirements to be a successful manager for organisations with an international focus by enriching students’ knowledge on various areas of a global business including international strategy, marketing across countries, international human resources management and cross-cultural negotiation.

Griffith University

The Master of International Business provides a unique opportunity for students to gain two postgraduate awards at Master’s level over a two year period.

Students will diversify their knowledge and skills by studying across complementary discipline areas, graduating with a clear industry advantage.

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