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5 Helpful Tips To Improve Your English Proficiency

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How to improve your English proficiency

As the world’s most spoken language, English spans across various countries and cultures. Improving your proficiency and fluency in English exposes you to more opportunities in your personal life and professional career.

In most English speaking countries, it is mandatory to prove your proficiency in English when applying to study, work or even get a visa to move to that country.

Though it is possible to explore rewarding careers and opportunities without being proficient in English, improving your English communication skills will increase your chances to expand your career. The ability to communicate effectively in English allows you to have more study and work options to explore. 

To improve your English proficiency, you need to develop your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. You can improve your English without signing up for English lessons. In the rest of this article, we will be discussing 5 tips that will help you improve your English proficiency.

improve your english proficiency


Tips to help improve your English proficiency

  • Develop a reading and listening habit

To improve your English proficiency, you have to immerse yourself in English language. Listening and reading are basic receptive skills that expose you to common English expressions, slangs and idioms. Listening to English music, podcast, radio, reading books, newspapers, blogs in English, and spending time with English speakers will help improve your comprehension of the language. 

When you surround yourself with English speakers and materials, you will begin to comprehend the language naturally. With improved comprehension, you have a better understanding of subjects and become a more fluent English speaker.

  • Use the dictionary often

Another way to improve your proficiency in English is to widen your vocabulary and master the correct pronunciation of words. By reading and listening, you learn new words and phrases and get familiar with the context they are structured.

To expand your vocabulary, you should have a quality dictionary to look up meanings, synonyms and correct pronunciation of words. The best way to expand your vocabulary is by using the words and phrases you learn in your speech or writing. You can also start an English journal to challenge yourself to write using these words and phrases to help them stick in your memory.

  • Get a grammar book

In writing or speaking, the more developed your grammar is, the better it is for your listener or reader to understand you. Learning how to create well-formed sentences builds your confidence in English and makes your sentences have a better flow.

To improve your grammar, you should pay attention to the structure of sentences when reading or listening to English. Learn how words are linked, the use of contractions and how stressing words can give a different meaning. Understand why some phrases suit different contexts and how you can use them. 

improve your english proficiency

  • Practice your writing and speaking skills

The key to improving your English proficiency is to practice. Make deliberate attempts to practice your speaking and writing skills. You can’t perfect your English skills without practice. Whether you are preparing for an English proficiency test or you just want to improve your grammar, you should not rely on just reading and listening to English materials.

When learning new words and their pronunciation, the best way to get familiar with these words is by using them in your speech or writing. Practising different forms of writing improves your writing skills and sentence structure.

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  • Have fun while learning 

With technology advancing, there are more ways you can learn to improve your English proficiency. Learning English can get boring after a while. To help with this, choose things you love to do and try them in English; read English books, watch English movies, listen to English speakers you love, or even play English word puzzles. This way, you will improve your vocabulary and be encouraged to master English communication skills.

You can even consider changing your phone settings to allow you to practice speaking with Siri, Alexa or Google. Making your language learning process fun will keep you motivated to expand your vocabulary, correct your pronunciation and improve your English proficiency. 


Seek opportunities to build your vocabulary and develop your communication skills to speed up your learning journey. You should also know that the key to becoming proficient in English is to learn from your mistakes and keep improving.



If you need guidance regarding English proficiency tests you can apply for, please click here to chat with our counsellors who are always willing to guide you.



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