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We have seen it in the movies, we’ve all read Obama’s story. We know students in developed countries have access to loans they can always pay back at their convenient time. There has been this unsaid envy about the kind of opportunities students in the western world enjoy. Who would have thought that Nigeria would join the few African countries where amazing student loan deals would be provided? Well, that’s the idea of EAS (Education Advisory Services). It’s first the first of its kind in the country and everyone should be excited about it.

The EAS brand emerged as a result of a mutual interest between two originally distinct brands; FCMB and MOD Group. While the former saw the need to be more than just a bank for her customers (old, new and prospective), the latter sought to provide an avenue where more Nigerians would have access to top-notch international education. EAS is indeed a breakthrough for all educational woes being experienced by average Nigerians. Parents/ guardians can now benefit from a mouthwatering educational loan deal, courtesy of FCMB and MOD Group.

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