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Top Universities In Australia To Study Data Science And Analytics

data science and analytics

The evolution of technology and the rise of data-driven decisions across industries creates a wider job market for data analysts. Many organizations require the expertise of data scientists and analysts to interpret the huge volumes of data they generate.

As one of the most in-demand careers in tech, data analytics offers a rewarding compensation to its professionals. It is no surprise why data science and analytics is emerging as a top career choice among students.

Popular as a top study abroad destination, Australia has a wide range of courses in Data Science and Analytics offered by some of the best universities in the country.

Here are 15 top universities in Australia that offer courses in data science and analytics:

University of Sydney

In the Data Science program at the University of Sydney, students will learn computational and analytical skill sets that stem from statistics and computer science, to manage, interpret, understand, analyse and derive key knowledge from the data. They will develop critical thinking about data and its use, a deep understanding of the core technical skills required and an appreciation for the context in which that data was collected.

Deakin University

Deakin’s Master of Data Science equips students for a career in this fast-growing sector. Throughout the study programme, students will gain the technical skills to harness the power of data through artificial intelligence and machine learning. They will also learn to use their insights to develop innovative solutions to the important challenges being faced by industry and governments.

Monash University

The Master of Data Science (MDS) teaches how to explore data and discover its potential – how to find innovative solutions to real problems in science, business and government, from technology start-ups to global organisations.

University of Melbourne

The Data Science program at the University of Melbourne promises a solid grounding in data science, by teaching the technological and analytical abilities that are vital for managing and interpreting large, complex collections of data. This program allows students the freedom to dive deeper into a specialist area of data science.

The University of Queensland

The Data Science program at The University of Queensland offers an advanced level of computing, statistics, mathematics and business knowledge applied in industry, government, social and scientific contexts and balanced with essential attributes relevant to data science. Graduates from this program will be well-equipped to tackle complex data science challenges and play a leading role in the future development of data science solutions globally.

data science and analytics

Swinburne University of Technology

The data science program at the Swinburne University of Technology will teach students how to collect different types of data and how to use the latest tools to store, process, extract, visualise and find insights within it. Students will also learn how to turn insights into decisions, and how artificial intelligence is changing how we see the world.

University of New South Wales

This data science degree is designed for STEM graduates who are looking to enter the field and other professionals who are looking to upskill. This program will consolidate skills across three key areas: mathematics and statistics, computer science and economics. Students will gain deeper knowledge in their area of interest by pursuing a specialisation in computational, business, behavioural or quantitative data science and decisions.

University of Western Australia

This major focuses on data and scientific computation. Students will develop an understanding of how to use technology for efficient and effective data collection, conversion, analysis, visualisation and interpretation. They will learn how to integrate new technologies to create science, engineering and business systems, and how to design useful and usable software. The practical computing and information technology skills acquired will greatly complement knowledge and skills acquired in science, arts, business and engineering majors.

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Latrobe University

The Master of Data Science at Latrobe University is designed in collaboration with industry partners to give students the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience to transition from university to the workplace. Students will build fundamental skills in programming, databases, probability, statistics, data exploration and analysis.

Victoria University

The Bachelor of Data Science is designed to train students on how to analyse, visualise, predict, and find insights into data to solve a host of real-world problems. The Bachelor of Data Science course is designed to meet industry demand and prepare you to pursue careers in various in-demand roles.

data science and analytics

Charles Darwin University

Data science research in CDU focuses on data mining, data management, machine learning, data analysis and information visualisation. The purpose of the research group is to create systems and algorithms to extract useful information, find correlations and predict trends from large databases for various applications and visualisation.

Curtin University

The data science course at Curtin University aims to build the students capacity to extract, analyse and visualise large volumes of data and communicate analytical outcomes to a range of audiences. Students will graduate equipped to enter a range of industries where data science is key to innovation.

University of Technology, Sydney

The Master of Data Science and Innovation utilises a range of perspectives from diverse fields and integrates them with industry experiences, real-world projects and self-directed study, equipping graduates with an understanding of the potential of analytics to transform practice. The course is delivered in a range of modes, including contemporary online and face-to-face learning experiences in UTS’s leading-edge facilities.

Australian National University

The Master of Applied Data Analytics degree provides students with exposure to best practices in data analytics as well as cutting edge courses in areas of relevance to data analytics practitioners. This program is an opportunity for students to deepen knowledge in one of the three areas of computation, statistics, or social science and research professional relevance.

University of Adelaide

The data science program at the University of Adelaide combines big-data analytics training with decision science. Students will learn to use big-data analytics within their chosen discipline, develop skills in statistical inference, design new models to address complex problems and apply data analysis to develop organisational strategies for success in their chosen discipline.

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