Coping with Isolation – 27 Online Skill-acquisition Courses for Students

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Remember what they say about making lemonades from Lemons? This may just be another classic example. The forceful closure of schools and training centres amidst efforts to curtail the spread of the COVID- 19 Virus has indeed been a source of concern to us. These are indeed trying times for humanity as well as the education sector which has been the pilot of human development. But does knowledge-gathering really end with physical classroom lectures and practical workshops? Certainly not.

While we are confident that measures being put in place by WHO and government bodies will help us overcome this current health scare, we also believe that e-learning is human’s perfect response to challenges erupted by the pandemic in the education sector.

We are aware that many schools have transitioned into electronic interactive classes for students, so we took our time to curate educational resources that are quite distinct from these regular classroom instructions.

All learners starting from age ten will find these online courses exciting, especially those who seek personal development and in-demand skills of the 21st-century workplace. See some of the perks below.

  • The courses are mostly free.
  • Upon completion, some organizing bodies issue certificates.
  • All training/courses were developed by renowned bodies.
  • You can learn at your own pace.
  • Some lectures are downloadable – you can always refresh your knowledge.

So, as we contribute our quotas to ensuring that the novel coronavirus is completely out of our communities, let’s turn the lockdown into a career building and knowledge gaining opportunity.

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Here you go…

Take online courses in Coding and/or IT

The Odin Project is a web development program that provides the tools required to become a successful web developer. It includes a portfolio of projects on Github. The enterprise is named after the father of gods in the Norse mythology whose defining characteristic, above all, was a curiosity for new knowledge. If you desire to pursue a career in Computer Science, this course promises to take you through to the other side of skill and employability in just about 1000 hours.

Learn SEO and/or Google Analytics

You can make loads of financial gains from writing for the internet. Nowadays, it is a popular way of making some money and earning a living. However, before you start writing for the internet, you need to have a proper understanding of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a very dynamic field and a good way to stay updated with the best practices is to read articles, lessons, and webinars created by sites such as Search Engine Journal. SEJ is a blog that shares daily information about SEO and how to become a skilled professional in the field. They run regular virtual workshops on new topics and sponsor a weekly podcast called the Search Engine Nerds.

Learn Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae Writing

Writing CVs and cover letters may not seem like a great deal but the reality is, a lot of graduates are looking for professionals to write for them. is an online course provider, run by LinkedIn. It offers 30-day free access to many courses including CV writing. Although this course is designed for university graduates, many of the lessons are useful at other career points. The class also includes work on networking and establishing your brand. You should be through with the course in approximately 90 minutes. It contains short videos and is just a segment of a larger section –  “Job Hunting for College Grads”.

Learn Microsoft Excel

Oftentimes, online research on Excel courses can be very tiring because the designs of these resources are mostly poor. However, is an exception to this as it makes learning Excel very easy. The information on the website is properly organized and free, at least for the basics. But if you wish to become an Excel professional, feel free to check out the paid components.

Learn about YouTube

You can learn the nooks and crannies of YouTube from Creator Academy at YouTube as well as how to make money from it.  It contains a series of 31 lessons that start with fundamentals and then branches out into “how to avoid exhaustion” among other interesting topics. The lessons are in YouTube video format and multiple-choice questions that help you define your vision and what you are hoping to benefit from the online platform.

Learn How to Invest

The website, offers a class called The Investing Classroom to holders of free membership in the community. They provide access to over a hundred classes on topics such as stocks, funds, bonds, and portfolios.

Learn Maths

Being an introductory level course, Basic Statistics Through R from edX will teach you fundamental statistical analysis through the programming language “R”. It makes use of examples from health sciences and bioinformatics. However, the skills acquired in this course are largely applicable in any field that involves Big Data. The course is free and only requires 8 hours of study time, but you can complete the class on your schedule.

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Learn Digital Marketing

The Google Online Marketing Challenge is a program designed for university-level students to help them obtain real-world marketing experience by assisting a participating non-profit with their online ad campaigns. $10,000 is given to a team of 2-5 students every month by Google to help them purchase Google Ads for the non-profit. The students are usually under a faculty member and will subsequently build a relationship with the client. They are also required to provide a Post-Campaign Analysis at the end of the program.

Learn Java Programming

Introduction to Programming in Java is designed to help students develop high-quality, efficient software that solves real-life problems. The course suits students with pre-existing programming experience, but if you are without programming knowledge, motivation will carry you through. It’s a mid-level course program of 16 hours.

Take online courses in Programming

The University of Michigan’s Programming for Everybody (Python) course is a beginner program for individuals with little to no programming experience. It is a first-timer coding class with nothing but basic mathematics. With moderate computer knowledge and experience, it should be easy to master the course materials. The program’s duration is 20-40 Hours.

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Learn on Dash

On Dash, you will learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through a step-by-step instruction process. The workspace they provide helps you see the output of your work in real-time, which is great for creating fun websites. It is a beginner-level program with a total of 4 projects.

Take online courses in HTML and CSS

Over 4.5 million online students have created websites by using HTML and CSS. It is a beginner program, and this means that no experience is necessary to master the basics of the lessons. The course duration is 7 hours (12 lessons)

 Learn to Make App for iOS

This Is How You Make iPhone Apps is an online course designed to teach you how to create fully functional applications that you can submit to the App Store. With the increase in the use of Apple devices by Nigerians, you can make apps that meet needs. It is a beginner level program that lasts for 5 hours with 23 lessons.

Learn Adobe Photoshop

Beginners Adobe Photoshop is a tutorial for beginners. It teaches the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop with easy-to-follow, practical examples. During the tutorial, you will learn how to set up your work environment and perform the basic editing functions that the program offers. You do not need pre-existing knowledge for this. The duration is 14 hours with 26 lessons.

Learn Adobe Illustrator

Learn Adobe Illustrator From Scratch services all levels. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can learn something from it. This course starts by teaching you simple Illustrator techniques, then branches out to more advanced topics such as types and panels, colours and patterns, and perspective and automation. The duration is 11 hours of 40 lessons.

Learn Adobe InDesign

This course Adobe InDesign for Beginners is designed to teach you how to use the powerful tools and techniques that are available in InDesign to create premium-quality layouts. You will obtain the necessary skills to work with graphics and tables, add colour and effects, and make your layout interactive.  The cousre has a duration of 11 hours.

Learn Graphic Design

Introduction to Graphic Design is designed to teach you how to make cool logos and lots more. It will teach you the theory behind grabbing the attention of people through visuals and the fundamental principles and elements of design. It is a beginner level program of 1 hour and 2 lessons.

Take online courses on the Basics of Social Media

Social Media 101  teaches you the basics of social media in about two minutes a day. In the Buffer’s week-long email class, you will master everything from establishing a tone for your social media posts to understanding online marketing analytics. The course is for beginners and is just 14 minutes of 7 lessons.

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Take online courses SEO

The Advanced SEO: Tactics and Strategy on Udemy, teaches a broad range of SEO subjects as well as an understanding of some of the more complex concepts and strategies. The content services all levels of knowledge. It is an hour-long program with 7 lessons.

Learn Online Marketing

Copyblogger designed Internet Marketing for Smart People as a systematic and simple approach to implementing effective online marketing. After registering, you will gain instant access to 14 eBooks that cover content marketing, copywriting, keyword research, and many more topics. Individuals with mid-level experience in internet marketing can take the course and is only 20 lessons long.

Learn Google Analytics

Getting Started With Google Analytics is designed to help you master the basics of Google Analytics. It will help you understand how to enhance your website’s performance. In addition to learning how to interpret data, you will learn how to translate data into information (raw data to actionable insights). It is a beginner level training program with a duration of 4 hours and 21 lessons.

Learn Email Marketing

Struggling to meet your email marketing goals? HubSpot’s Email Marketing Crash Course can help. The videos will help you develop everything from growing an organic email list to obtaining a higher open rate, and strengthening lead nurturing. It spans only 5 lessons.


Take online courses in Public Speaking

The University of Washington designed Introduction to Public Speaking to help increase learners’ public speaking skills. This course will teach you how to design and deliver basic arguments, informative presentations, and persuasive arguments all within 10 weeks for 30-50 hours. The program services all levels.

Learn How to Seek and Handle Finance as a New Entrepreneur

The University of Maryland designed New Venture Finance: Startup Funding for Entrepreneurs to educate aspiring and active entrepreneurs who want to know how to secure funding for their company. The four-week course answers key questions such as: “What kind of investors invest and where to find them?” and “What are your fundraising options?”. The duration is 12-20 hours (4 hours).

Competitive Strategy

Competitive Strategy is taught in Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. It teaches students how businesses react when strategic decisions are co-dependent. You will learn to use the basic tools of game strategy to analyse how organisations choose to gain an edge over competitors. The course is designed for individuals with mid-level experience and the duration is 10 hours (6 lessons).

Take online courses in Academic and Business Writing

Academic and Business Writing focuses on writing in different disciplines such as science and technology, literature, and the social sciences. The course will teach you how to craft statements of purpose and develop a professional writing style. Individuals with pre-existing knowledge in writing will find this quite useful. The duration is 20-30 hours with 5 lessons.

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Learn Italian

Talk Italian is a language course offered by the BBC. It includes nine short sections on everyday conversation-type topics such as ordering a meal, asking for directions, saying where you’re from, and checking in at a hotel. You can watch and listen to the clips for the lessons. Equally, trasncripts are available for extra practice.

21st Century Degree -awarding Courses you Can Study Offline

If you are looking to pursue a high-in-demand career, there are numerous courses you can enroll for at a univerisity. Despite the current health emergency across the world, employers continue to look to for experts in these fields. We have categorised the courses and career paths into STEM, Business, Creatives and Humanities, to help you understand the different options you have.

You can also send an email for further counselling and inquiries. We’d be glad to help.


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