How To Apply For A Data Science Masters Degree In Canada

Data Science Masters Degree in Canada

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from many structured and unstructured data. Those who specialize in gathering and analysing these large sets of structured and unstructured data are called Data Scientists.

As the ways of doing things become increasingly digital, Data Science, therefore, has become one of the most prominent in-demand jobs, as almost every digital-specific jobs now require a level of data collection skills.

Acquiring a Masters degree in Data Science is one great decision that you can make for your future. And what better place to acquire a degree than Canada which has now become the number 1 study destination in the world today.

Data Science

According to Canada Big Data Consortium, the total number of data scientists has doubled over the past four years and there is still a shortage of around 19,000 professionals. It also made a favourable projection that around 4 million jobs involving data science would be open in the upcoming 5 years. Curiously, the demand for data scientists is 50% higher than that of software engineers in Canada.

Read more here about the career prospect, job outlook, salaries of a Data Scientist and how to become one. 

The average salary for an entry-level data scientist is around 60,000 USD annually and with a Master Degree in Data Science, you earn an average of 70,000-90,000 USD a year in Canada.

In Canada, Masters in Data Science in Canada is a 10-16 Months long Course and the average tuition fee is around 17,000 USD.


Admission Process For Masters In Data Science In Canada

The admission process for masters in data science in Canada varies from university to university. The admissions are, however, offered mostly for winter, summer, and fall sessions. International applicants are required to have completed an undergraduate degree before applying for a master’s in data science in Canada.


Eligibility Criteria For Masters In Data Science In Canada
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Data Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering, Business Analytics, Economics, Statistics or related fields.
  • Applicants must have a minimum CGPA within the Second Class division.

Data scientist

Admission Requirement For Masters in Data Science in Canada

To be accepted into a Data Science master’s programme in Canadian Universities, you are required to provide the following documents:

  1. Transcripts: Applicants are required to submit official transcripts of previous education. Many Universities would request certified copies of the documents. International applicants, whose language of instruction isn’t English or French must provide certified English/French language translations for transcripts that are not in the English language.
  2. Proof of Language Proficiency: Proof for English language proficiency must be submitted by international students belonging to non-native English speaking countries. Applicants are often required to submit test score from IELTS and other certified English Language Proficiency Tests. However, the English Language proficiency scores accepted in different universities varies. You should therefore ensure that your test score is accepted at your chosen University. 
  3. Letter of Reference: LORs may be required for admissions in some universities. Applicants are required to submit around 2-3 LORs in most universities for masters in data science.
  4. Statement of Purpose:  Many universities may ask you to submit a statement of purpose along with your applications.
  5. Resume/CV: You may be asked to submit a resume or CV with your detailed academic and work experience along with your application.

Do you need guidance for your application? Speak to a councillor here who would walk you through the application process.


Masters Scholarship Opportunities in Data Science For International Students 

Masters in Data Science International Scholarship: The University of British Colombia offers an entrance scholarship to international students who are admitted into the master’s programme in Data Science. The scholarship is merit-based and it grants up to 18,874USD in prize money annually.

The School Of Graduate Studies University-Wide Awards: This scholarship is offered to international graduate students who require financial assistance and who have excelled academically. Application for the Scholarship opens during winter and results are announced by July. To apply, applicants are required to fill in a school of Graduate Studies Financial need assessment form.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship: This scholarship is offered only to masters and doctorate international students who are pursuing their programme in Ontario province.  the scholarship awards about 1,325 USD annually.

Differential Tuition Fees Exemption: This is an entrance scholarship offered to newly admitted international students for MS programs.  A differential tuition fee exemption will reduce international students’ tuition fees to those paid by Canadian citizens and permanent residents.


Universities In Canada Offering Masters in Data Science

Below is the updated list of Canada Universities and Colleges that offer Masters/Graduate programs in Data Science:

  1. The University of British Columbia – Master of Data Science
  2. University of Waterloo -Master of Mathematics in Computer Science – Data Science
  3. Carleton University – Master of Computer Science – Data Science
  4. Ryerson University – Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics
  5. Saint Mary’s University – Master of Science in Computing and Data Analytics
  6. Trent University – Master of Science in Big Data Analytics
  7. Langara College – Post Degree Diploma in Data Analytics
  8. Simon Fraser University – Professional Master’s program in Computer Science – Big data Specialization
  9. University of Toronto – Master of Science in Applied Computing – Data Science
  10. University of Alberta – Master of Science in Computing Science – Statistical Machine Learning
  11. Western University, Ontario – Master of Data Analytics
  12. University of Calgary – Diploma in Data Science and Analytics
  13. HEC Montreal – Master of Science – Business Analytics
  14. McGill University – Masters in Data Science
  15. The University of New Brunswick – MS in Computer Science – Data Analytics
  16. Acadia University – MSc in Computer Science – Data Analytics
  17. Bow Valley College – Postbaccalaureate Certificate – Data Management and Analytics
  18. Georgian College – Ontario College Graduate Certificate-Big Data Analytics
  19. Lambton College – Ontario College Graduate Certificate- Big Data – Science & Informatics
  20.  St.Clair College – Graduate Certificate-Data Analytics for Business
  21. Sheridan College – Data Science Sheridan Certificate


If you have any queries regarding education abroad or if you need any assistance with processing your admissions, our study abroad counsellors are always willing to guide you.

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