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Expert Career Counselling for Students

Sussex University Webinar on Sustainable Finance and Accounting Careers

Finance and accounting

Explore Rewarding Careers in Sustainable Finance and Accounting 

Environmental, social, and governance issues are now a major factor in investment. This has created rapid growth in finance and accounting careers with a specific focus on sustainability. On this webinar you’ll find out more about the opportunities in sustainability-related accounting and finance roles in a wide range of sectors – including business, national and local government, NGOs and global organizations.

Expert faculty will explain the skills you need in this growing job market, including knowledge about the sustainability development goals, climate finance, environmental reporting and corporate governance.
You’ll also hear from those working in the industry and why they are keen to hire people who are knowledgeable and experienced in areas such as green finance, sustainability reporting and climate policy.

Finance and accounting

The panel will feature top industry experts and experts from the University of Sussex Business School.

Faculty members from the University of Sussex who will be on the panel include:

Dr Sarada Krishnan – Course Director for MSc Sustainable Finance and Accounting

Dr Panagiotis Tzouvanas – Specialist in Climate Finance in teaching

Professor Radu Tunaru – Professor of Finance and Risk Management.

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