Specialization: The spice of Legal Practices


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There is hardly any valid argument against the fact that Law degrees are comprehensive and well structured. Candidly, in a bid to ensure that a basic knowledge of human interactions as well as the laws governing them is achieved, courses in the field are understandably enormous.  As a result, specialization has been a key part of Legal Studies.

After introductory classes that have been designed to instill foundational principles of Law must have been taken, students can then proceed to build careers in the specific fields of interest. This implies that students are at liberty to become specialists in specific law fields which could be related to culture, politics, business and many others.

Precisely, courses that are responsible for shaping the careers of many Law students include Criminal Law, Labor Law, Law of Contract, Business Law, Law and Society, Law of Tort, Tax Law, International Law, Human Rights, Legal Methods, Maritime Law, Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence and Land Law.

Below are brief highlights of what some of these career-inclined courses entail.

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Criminal Law: On many occasions, Criminal Law exists as a completely distinct degree. This is particularly because it deals with a relatively complex field; Crime. Its students are coached on the theories of Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, human rights, gender-based crimes, legal methods, Restorative Justice and so on. Furthermore, students are also enlightened on legal aspects of homicide, terrorism, crimes committed by mentally deranged individuals, death penalties, victimization and all other related crime situations.

Property Law: This area of specialization pays prompt attention to personal and real properties and it is sometimes regarded as Land Law. Usually, students are enlightened on the notion: “Interest in Land”. It is an expression that is used to explain the different forms of rights that can be exercised by an individual who intends to use a piece of land that has been possessed by another individual. The enlightenment equally involves the ways, times and strategies to come up with an order from a court as well as an agreement or a legal contract for the purpose of achieving these interests. In addition, students are brushed up on aspects such as property management, commercial property law, tenancy rights, Construction law, site acquisition among many others.

Intellectual Property Law: Although it is somewhat related to property law, Intellectual property law is a distinct field which sometimes has its specific degree.  Concisely, students that must have opted for this field of specialization are groomed on ways to deal with properties or assets that are not tangible. That is, personal properties such as songs, artworks, literary pieces, inventions, innovations, designs, images, among others. Equally, students who pass through the field are in the know about social and economic activities that revolve around Intellectual properties, copyright laws, trademark restrictions and specific issues that influence Intellectual property laws.

Commercial or Business Law: this field of specialization deals with conducts and rights of individuals as well as business in the commercial and industrial sector. In some instances, Business Law is seen as an aspect of civil law. However, Business law is so comprehensive that it can also be studied as a completely different degree in Law. This is emphatically due to the fact that Business Law encompasses different aspects of finance, economics, and management. More importantly, it provides apt knowledge on all the legalities that businesses need for smooth running. Hence, courses such as pensions and benefits, bankruptcy, tax classifications, small business laws, licensing, secured transactions and a lot more, are basically provided for its students. Closely related to Commercial Law is Corporate Law which concerns itself with legal advice and daily engagements of an institution.

Environmental Law: the field of law that controls the interaction between humans and their immediate environment is referred to as Environmental Law. It specifically proffers appropriate ways to enhance, maintain and regulate the environment. In fact, the field, as a specific specialization, has risen tremendously in popularity. This is right because agencies have begun to make conscious efforts towards curbing the negative impacts that their activities may have had on the environment. Hence, Environmental Law combines fields such as Human rights, Law and Politics in a bid to ensure that a wide range of issues that surround human environments are examined. Generally, students who desire to become specialists in the field are enlightened on universal environmental laws that are employed for: natural resources, climate control, resource conservation, climate policies, noise control, energy regulation and environmental protection.

Family Law: Just as the name suggests, Family Law is a field of specialization which tackles issues concerning families. Students are instructed on a broad scope of legalities within the family. That is, it inculcates the laws binding children, civil partnerships, divorce, surrogacy, adoption, child protection marriage, cohabitation and a lot more. Family law sharpens the knowledge of its students on ways settle disputes, terminate relationships, address child abuse and carry out paternity tests.

The list of the fields of specialization goes on. It is largely inexhaustible and while other ones would be examined in the future, here are a few additional fields that students may specialize in.

  • Insurance Law: Deals with issues related to insurance claims and policies.
  • International Law: Monitors the binding rules of engagement between or among countries.
  • Employment Law: Regulates employment contracts, discrimination or breach of terms between employees and employers.
  • Patent Law: Deals with set provisions or grants made for certain innovations or productions.
  • Healthcare Law: regulates and fosters rules associated with the health sector.

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