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Gender Studies | All You Need To Know And Career Prospects

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Gender studies is a versatile field that centres on the complex interconnection of gender with other specifications such as sexuality, race, nationality, ethnicity, and religion.

Gender studies address the concept of masculinity, feminism, personal choice, and intersectionality.

Gender studies questions what it means to make gender important, narrowing it to everything from labour conditions to popular culture to healthcare access. Gender is never secluded from other factors that determine your position in the world, such as class, ability, origin, access to resources, life experience, and citizenship status. 

Gender Studies

Beyond studying gender as an identity, the field is invested in shedding more light on the structures that normalize, naturalize and discipline gender across cultural and historical contexts.

Gender studies are mostly studied as a postgraduate course and it can also be paired with another degree. A double major in gender studies authorizes you to enjoy all the advantages of interdisciplinary and disciplinary training.

The study of gender, women, and sexuality is central in every field of knowledge, from the study of medicine to society and politics to biology. If you are interested in gender inequality or women and international development, a double major in gender studies will allow you to push the margin of knowledge in traditional fields to address issues that matter.

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Careers in Gender studies are human service, non-profit organizations, social work, private businesses, arts, and advocacy. 

Gender Studies

Top Universities Offering Gender Studies 

Below are some of the universities that offer Gender Studies around the world:

  • Anglia Ruskin University: Anglia Ruskin University is located in the United Kingdom. The university has 3 gender and sexuality programs, projects, and scholarships. The school offers Gender Studies as a doctorate course.
  • Cardiff University: Cardiff University in the UK offers gender and sexuality studies as a research course primarily for students in the school of social science and also for students in other schools and departments interested in research on gender studies.
  • Coventry University: Coventry University is located in the UK. The university offers courses in gender, equality, and diversity studies. The research course focuses on how many layers of human intersectional identities can affect our life experiences.
  • Glasgow Caledonian University: Glasgow University in the UK offers a postgraduate and master’s degree course in gender history. The program provides specialized instruction in the skills and approaches required to conduct a gendered analysis of the past.
  • University of Leeds: Leeds University in the UK offers a master’s degree course in gender studies. The research course lasts for a duration of 12months. The course focuses on gender relations in the past, present, and future.
  • University of Limerick: The University of Limerick is located in Ireland. The university offers postgraduate courses on gender, society, and cultural studies. The program addresses the intersection of sexuality, race, and other identities to examine multidimensional inequalities and injustice.
  • Carleton University: Carleton University is located in Canada. The university offers graduate degree courses in critical race studies, critical disability studies, and feminist social transformation. 
  • Alliant University: Alliant University in the USA just launched a Ph.D. course to promote women in leadership. The course focuses on collaboration, professional development, and entrepreneurial success for women.
  • Kent State University: Kent State University is located in the USA. The university has a center for the study of gender and sexuality department in the faculty of the college of arts and sciences. The mission of the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality is to advance the interdisciplinary scholarly exploration of gender and sexuality and to create and share knowledge with students, scholars, and the public.
  • Florida Atlantic University: Florida Atlantic University is located in the USA. The university has a center for women, gender, and sexuality programs. The university offers an undergraduate and graduate degree program in gender studies. 

Gender Studies

Career Prospects in Gender Studies

Gender studies are better paired with a different degree, opening up more career paths for you.

Here are some of the careers and jobs in Gender Studies:

  • Communications consultant/officer
  • Counsellor
  • Artist/filmmaker
  • Associate director of human rights organization
  • Advocate for victims of domestic violence and hate crimes
  • Business owner
  • Clergy
  • Diversity officer
  • Cultural programs coordinator
  • HR coordinator
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