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Top 15 US Universities To Study Nursing

Studying nursing is a great way to combine your passion for helping others with your desire for an evolving career. With over 100 areas of specialization, nursing offers career flexibility that lets you choose the path that is right for you.

You can choose the type of patients you want to care for, your work environment, and how far you want to advance in the profession.

In this article, you will find the top universities in the US where you can apply for a degree in Nursing. 

Johns Hopkins University

John Hopkins offers programs designed to meet the needs of a diverse student population. From pre-graduate programs to master’s, doctoral programs, online options, and postgraduate opportunities.

Duke University

Duke’s Master of Science in Nursing Program gives 8 superior exercise registered nurse majors and 3 non-medical majors. You additionally have the choice of including an area of expertise in your route of study. The master’s diploma in nursing at the Duke University School of Nursing is approved by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

University of North Carolina

The teaching method in the university combines the best of consolidated and innovative approaches, committed and caring teachers, rich opportunities for student research, and a curricular dedication to interprofessional education.


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University of Pennsylvania

The university is classified as the best school of nursing in the US. Pennsylvania has all the professions,  research, and training in practice and politics.

Emory University

You will experience the real world of healthcare and practice it firsthand. A school where the lines between class and career begin to blur and where you become a leader that learns to make a difference for patients in their everyday life.

Ohio State University

The Ohio State University College of Nursing program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Like all Ohio State graduate programs, the program includes general education (GE) course requirements in the areas of basic skills,  arts, sciences, and humanities as well as graduate courses in nursing.

University of Pittsburgh

As one of the top nursing schools in the nation, the school’s resources are an invaluable resource for the intellectual, scientific, and economic enrichment of healthcare in Pittsburgh, the nation, and the world.


University of Washington

As a student, you will learn from the nationally recognized faculty in the classroom and use interactive scenarios in the learning lab, allowing you to practice nursing skills in a safe environment before performing them in a supervised clinical setting.

University of Michigan

As a Michigan nursing student, you will experience a rigorous but rewarding education full of unique opportunities that will not simply prepare you to become a nurse, but to prosper as a leader in the field.

Vanderbilt University

The University of Vanderbilt Nursing School prepares nurses and experts to increase access to quality health care for people everywhere.

University of California

Constantly recognized among the best schools, the School is dedicated to nurses, doctors, students, and staff sharing a common assessment to make the world better.

Yale University

The Yale School of Nursing offers students the opportunity to specialize in a particular area of ​​concentration that further develops clinical or conceptual interest.


Columbia University

The program provides foundational nursing knowledge and practical skills reinforced by master’s work in advanced assessment, advanced pharmacology, advanced pathophysiology, and global health.

Villanova University

You will graduate ready to nurse, research, teach, advocate, and discover. By graduating, you will strengthen a powerful and compassionate alumni network.

University of Miami

The School of Nursing and Health Studies program prepares nurses to take on advanced practice roles in their profession. Each course in the program provides students with a wide range of advanced educational and clinical experiences such as advanced practice nurses.

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