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Exploring Top 10 Careers In Humanities.

In most industries, from medical sciences, engineering, social sciences to business, you would find careers that require a background in humanities.

The humanities industry is one of the broadest fields of study in the university, encompassing academic disciplines concerned with human behavior and the relationship with the social institutions we create.

Schools of humanities in higher institutions cover a wide range of courses that include philosophy, history, psychology, religion, languages, literature and the arts.

Students pursuing a career in humanities would be required to take coursework in reading, writing and other practices that stimulate critical thinking. These coursework activities equip graduates with a range of skills to help them succeed in their careers.


Among the skills needed in the different careers within the humanities industry are:

  • Critical thinking
  • Strong communication skills
  • Logic and reasoning
  • Problem solving and analytical skills
  • Empathy
  • La créativité
  • People management


If you are looking to start a career in the humanities industry, here are some careers you should explore:


1. Psychology

Psychology primarily seeks to understand human behavior in the different experiences and ways to help people improve the quality of their lives, their relationship with other people and their environment. With a degree in psychology, graduates can decide to specialize in any field like media, sports, health, forensic and other industries where their skills would be useful.

2. Public relations

Professionals in public relations are responsible for presenting a brand in a positive image to the public to maintain or improve the brand’s reputation with the public. Their duties aim at encouraging the public to support the goals and objectives of the brand.

3. Human resource management[

This role is primarily concerned with the recruitment, compensation and welfare of the employees in an organization. Understanding what motivates employees and ways to improve the general working conditions would contribute to the overall productivity of the firm.


4. Event management

Careers in event management require planning and organizing details to fit a client’s preferences or purpose.to succeed in this role, one has to understand the needs of the target audience and ways to translate those needs to reality.

5. Hospitality management

The hospitality management industry is a service-based industry; therefore, its success is dependent on how well they understand and relate with their customers. Professionals in this role need to be skilled in people management.

6. Advertising

Roles in advertising are aimed at creating ideas that would influence the public to buy a product or service. These roles require professionals who analyze consumer behaviour and observe current market trends to communicate effectively to the customers.

7. Social worker

Social workers provide counselling to people or groups who have mental, emotional or behavioural disorders. These professionals typically assess the challenges of their clients and provide required counselling or further assistance if needed, aimed at solving these challenges.

8. Writing

One of the broadest careers in humanities, writing covers various specializations like copywriting, technical writing, content writing, editing, creative writing and so much more. To succeed in these roles, professionals have to be skilled in research and the ability to connect with their target audience

9. Design

These roles require designers to create and communicate ideas that best describe the needs of a client or a brand. Design is another very broad field with specializations like Interior design, Fashion design, Graphics design and Product design. People who work in design give attention to every detail while delivering products that satisfy the customer’s needs.

10. Counselling

The purpose of counselling is to allow people to come to terms with challenges, events or emotions they are experiencing in their lives to help them make better choices in dealing with these situations. A counsellor’s main role is to patiently listen, emphasize and work closely with a client to seek possible solutions for their challenges.



If you need further guidance on degree options and career paths in Humanities or counselling regarding schools to apply to for your degree, please click here to chat with our counsellors. 



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