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Arts et sciences humaines au Royaume-Uni || Meilleurs cours et universités à explorer

Over the years, careers in Arts and Humanities have been increasing in demand. A degree in any arts and humanities course prepares you for a range of rewarding careers and opportunities.

Arts and Humanities graduates are generally skilled at effective communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, research and creativity. These skills help in building a successful career and also increase employability.

In the UK for example, the Arts and Humanities industry is growing to become a very lucrative field and as expected, careers in this industry are in high demand. This is because graduates from this field of study have the necessary transferable skills to adapt to a wide range of careers across several sectors.

Arts and Humanities graduates in the UK find employment in industries such as; public administration, advertising, journalism and the creative industry.

arts et sciences humaines
Top courses in the Arts and Humanities

Here are 5 top courses in the Arts and Humanities in the UK to explore:

  • Psychology

Psychology is an ideal course in humanities for people who are curious about how the human mind works and how that affects our behaviour. It studies how humans react in different situations. Students can choose to specialize in any clinical, research or occupational psychology depending on their interests. A psychology degree prepares graduates for roles in marketing, healthcare, human resources, education or business.

  • Archaeology

Archaeology studies ancient cultures and civilizations through research, excavation and analysis of artefacts around the world. Archaeology is an ideal course for those with an interest in human history and pre-history. Graduates of archaeology can work in museums, conservation and heritage establishments or as cartographers and even professional archaeologists.

  • Design

Design is a diverse field with various disciplines for students to explore depending on their interests and strengths. Design degrees offer students a mix of both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to equip them for a career in design.

Students with an eye for design can choose to specialize in graphic design, interior design, fashion design, product design or photography depending on their career plans. Graduates of design are typically detail-oriented and have are skilled at project management and can find employment outside the design industry.

arts et sciences humaines

  • Philosophy

Philosophy studies the world’s existence, nature of humans and concepts of knowledge. Philosophy encourages critical thinking into questions on ethics and truth. Graduates of philosophy can find employment in research, academia, public relations or politics.

  • Linguistics

Linguistics is the study of the different aspects that make up a language, how they combine, how humans acquire knowledge about languages and how languages express who humans are socially and culturally. Popular career paths for graduates of linguistics are lexicography, publishing and communications, speech therapy and education.

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Top UK Universities for Arts and Humanities Degrees

The UK has some of the top-ranking universities in Arts and Humanities. These institutions are known for their research and academic excellence and the range of programmes offered in arts and humanities.

Here are 5 top universities in the UK you can consider for a degree in Arts and Humanities:

Durham University’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities has a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses across its seven departments and schools. The faculty of Arts and Humanities has one school – School of Modern Languages and Cultures, six departments – Classics & Ancient History, English Studies, History, Music, Philosophy, Theology and Religion and a Liberal Arts programme that allows students to study a broader mix of subjects from Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

The University of Manchester has a global reputation in education and innovation. The University’s Faculty of Humanities is popular for its remarkable schools of Business, Law, Social Science, Arts, Language & Cultures, and School of Environment, Education and Development.

Lancaster University’s Faculty of Arts and Social Science comprises nine globally recognized departments, The Ruskin – a library, museum and research centre and Lancaster Arts. Through its research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, the faculty provides an exceptional student and academic experience.

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Sheffield is home to eight departments and schools for undergraduate and postgraduate study of languages, cultures, histories and ideas. The Faculty’s track record for research excellence attracts students from all over the world.

The University of Strathclyde’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences comprises six schools; Education, Government and Public Policy, Humanities, Law, Psychological Sciences & Health and Social Work and Social Policy. The University’s commitment to providing an outstanding educational experience for its students is displayed in its exceptional learning facilities and investment in research.




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